The Guide for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Venue

Life is a series of never-ending events, celebrations and gatherings. In our workplace, corporate events such as parties, team building, awarding ceremonies, conferences, seminars and meetings always happen.  Organizing a corporate event is more difficult due to its high demand in facilities, time and budget up to the large number of attendee. Its preparation gets really challenging especially when it comes to deciding the setting of the event.

When you can’t decide where to have it? We have to pause and think before we pick the right corporate event’s venue.  Let us help you do that!


Here are some factors that you have to think about to make it a bit trouble-free:


In an event, the allotted hours for setup is limited, so we need a venue where we can setup everything with the allotted time given to us. The bigger the event, the longer hours needed, so we need a venue where we can move freely and will enable us to set everything up just right in time.


Get a venue that has friendly facilities. Your venue has to have the complete element that you need for the event such as the kitchen, service area, equipment, and others. Choose a venue that can accommodate the facility demands of the guests, the event setup, and the program itself.


The physical appearance matters. It would greatly affect your event‘s physical arrangement so you have to carefully pick the venue with the right area, structure, and size. You may have a rectangular hall with a high ceiling or a square area with no pillars; you may also have a large open ground or a bar with long and wide vicinity. There’s a variety of venue you could select from. Just make sure that it would fit on your corporate event.


Of course you won’t get a 3,000 sq. meters of venue for 200 persons. But aside from the number of the guests and attendees of the event, it is very important to know who your guests will be. Ask yourself, “Who are they?” You have to consider their age, the ratio of males and females, profession, religion, similarities, and etc. You have to choose a venue that is adaptable and flexible to your guests and attendees.


www.ivins.comYes, some things are just about the money and the affordability. Choosing a perfect venue can really be costly so you have to seek for a place that will match the limit of your budget. On the other hand, the budget must also be equal to how big the event is. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a lights and sounds worth of 10,000 pesos to accommodate your 2000 guests. That’s simply impossible!







We don’t just party, celebrate, or hold a ceremony or team building for nothing. There is always a reason behind everything.  To take a break from working hard, building your team’s camaraderie, acknowledging your employee’s job achievement, or simply celebrating your company’s anniversary are just some reasons behind a corporate event. Assuring that the venue can go with the message of the event is very important. From the event ads, design, and setup, the venue should be able to communicate the significance of having the event because not doing so will ruin the whole meaning of the corporate event.



We have to consider the type of the corporate event first because preparation for it also depends if it’s going to be indoor or outdoor. We have to be mindful of certain issues especially when doing the event outdoor.  Outdoor event can be so demanding, the weather is unpredictable, warm weather could affect the event staff’s mobility,  the location of the sun, the sea and the tide condition can affect the event and even the equipment  or set-up can be affected by the outdoor environment.  On the contrary, doing indoor corporate events can also limit the activities, entertainment, and the space for the entire corporate event.



www.delscatering.comWe need to check and make sure if the food can be prepared at the venue or if it has to be delivered from other restaurant. For example, preparing a Halal-certified food is very crucial and sacred so we have to be careful on serving those. The availability and possibility of serving certain food should be considered beforehand. You don’t want your guests to eat something that they can’t, right?


Awareness is the key to achieving a successful corporate event and so in choosing for the perfect venue. You have to be aware of everything that is going on around the environment of your chosen location. Is there a pope coming in for a visit? Is there an APEC meeting at the corner? Will there be a heavy traffic during your corporate event? Just everything! Do you want an attendance of 200 out 1000 just because the accessibility of your chosen location is not that convenient? Better be alert!

All these are tips to assist you on the process of planning, organizing, and choosing a perfect venue for your corporate event. Just keep in mind that every detail of your setting should be proportioned with each other. Make it beautiful, impressive, balanced, and a less hassle event venue.

Don’t complicate. Just simplify!


SOURCE: Ms. Ana Marie Tueres is a professional event planner and the owner of Solutions Events. Solutions Events is an events and production company established since 2000. They handle a wide variety of events like weddings, social events, corporate events, and others.

Disclaimer: We do not take credit for the photos used  in this blog post.

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