Set Forth with Faith: Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines @ 75th


The CEAP celebrated their 75th year anniversary at the SMX Convention Center from September 29 to October 2, 2015. This year’s anniversary is an opportunity for the organization to establish its legacy and at the same time, create a more profound connection between Catholic students and educators and CEAP’s mission.

CEAP is a voluntary organization which operates through regional educational associations located in the 16 regions of the country. It represents the interest of Catholic educational institutions in national and international fora, fosters unity of action with other organizations in educational matters, and assists members, particularly those in mission areas to achieve common and specific aims.



The CEAP is commissioned to advance and promote the teaching function of the Catholic Church. It promotes religious instruction as an essential element of Catholic education, thereby contributing towards character formation and citizenship building. Moreover, it strives to respond to social, political, moral, and other critical issues based on consultations with the different regions and calls for the collective action of its members when the situation so requires.

As CEAP has served as a steadfast catalyst for reform in the country, it has both the mandate and the progressive ability to bridge the youth’s spiritual gap that is at the backbone of their values formation and holistic development.

Hence, CEAP 75 and the upcoming activities built towards its celebration were maximized and harnessed as a journey towards creating spiritual bridges for the next generation.

“Remember with gratitude. Renew with fervor. Set forth with faith.”

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