Santuario de San Antonio in Makati City

Amidst the quaint residential area of the country’s well-off families is a church dedicated to Saint Anthony built by the Franciscans after their mother church in Intramuros was destroyed at the end of the Second World War.

The friars also brought an old statue of Saint Anthony, a surviving item from their old church.

This serene place has a 19th Century Spanish design suited for a traditional wedding that the Maria Clara in every bride would love. Set in the backdrop are grand trees and greens providing cleansed and cool air even during the hottest of summer.

It is a favourite among the country’s most prominent families due to its location: it is easily accessible, yet it is perfectly secluded from the hustles and bustles of the city making it a perfect getaway ceremony venue.

The church’s grand altar of gold and wood is a magnificent touch of the church’s 19th Century design that is accented by iron chandeliers that gives off soft lighting and homey ambiance.

Santuario de San Antonio is air-conditioned so you won’t have to worry about getting married in the hottest of summer. It has ample parking space for guests and is easily accessible through public transport through the Fort Bonifacio City Bus or the jeepneys plying the MRT – Market-Market route.

For further inquiries you may contact the Santuario de San Antonio Parish at:
Santuario de San Antonio Parish
McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City
Telephone: (02) 843-8830 | (02) 843-8831
Email: [email protected]

Image credit: ssparish.com


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