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You’re Engaged… Now What?

A quick and easy guide to get the ball rolling for your special day.

He finally popped the question and you said yes! Or you finally saved enough to settle down and begin a new chapter of your life with your girlfriend. Whatever the case, moving on from exclusively dating to being engaged is not as easy as one would think. There are people to inform, a million and one things to plan, and big decisions to make. This might sound daunting to someone who just got engaged, but don’t fret! We’ll help you get started.

1. Decide on your wedding date and time.

Make sure the most important people in your life will be present on your chosen date.

If you have relatives who are living abroad, get a consensus of when it would be easier for them to fly back home.

Consider the weather of your chosen month.

If you’re dreaming of having an outdoor garden wedding, it’s safer to set a date during the summer season.

Pick a time that won’t stress you out.

Don’t insist on having an early morning wedding if the person you’re marrying is a certified night owl.

2. Set the budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend as a couple.

Ask newly married friends how much they spent to get a ballpark figure of the amount you’ll both need to set aside.

Inform your partner of your non-negotiables early on.

Allot bigger amounts for your prioritized items, but be flexible enough to trim other expenses. Expect to make compromises and to continuously tweak your budget.

Find out if you’ll be getting monetary assistance.

There’s no shame in asking your parents or future in-laws if they’ll be willing to help out financially. Just make sure to ask them in a polite way.

3. Decide on your wedding theme

Look for inspiration.

Attend bridal fairs, flip through magazines, and go online to see what might work for you.

Create a wedding mood board or buy a notebook devoted to your wedding plans.

Fill it with elements agreed upon by you and your soon-to-be spouse and pictures you both like, from entourage dresses down to venue decors.

Go with something that expresses your personality.

Don’t choose rose quartz and serenity just because they’re the proclaimed Pantone colors of the year.

4. Book your venues

It’s essential to reserve your wedding and reception venues as early as possible, at least one year before your big day.

Call prospective churches, hotels, and event venues to check their available dates and times. Once you’ve reviewed all your options, don’t wait too long to book your first choice. If the date or time you’re eyeing isn’t available, discuss things with your partner to see if you’re both open to adjusting it.

Make sure you’re clear about the payment schemes of the venues you’re booking.

Failure to deposit at a given date could automatically mean losing your booking. Also, ask if there are early bird discounts (especially for new locations that are building their clientele) or special package rates you could avail of (there might be a free overnight stay in the hotel you’re planning to hold your reception in).

Discuss possible suppliers with your venue contacts.

Get their approved list of suppliers and ask for referrals if you’re unsure about who to get.

5. Canvass your suppliers

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Prepare a list of your preferred suppliers and get quotations from them.

Review this list and take out the suppliers you don’t need.

  • Wedding coordinator
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Food caterer
  • Event stylist
  • Florist
  • Invitation supplier
  • Dress designer
  • Hair and makeup artist
  • Bridal car provider
  • Wedding choir
  • Wedding host
  • Performers
  • Lights and sounds
  • Projector

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