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Your Wedding Guest List 101

Wedding preparation is really a monumental task; you have to trim down things to be able to assure that even the smallest details are seen. It is pointless adding too many names on the list when most of them can’t make time for your event. After making the initial guest list and after considering all the factors, especially the capacity of your budget and the venue, you will now have an actual number of how many guests you’re going to invite.  Here are the things you should consider to let you decide who should be and who shouldn’t be present:

Make a preliminary list with just your partner

There are things you should first settle with your partner before disclosing it with the whole family. In such a way you can figure out problems and attend to it immediately. First on your list should be your immediate family, and then add close family members, also add your closest friends. It is a good way to start with this guide to ensure you’re not missing people whom should be there.

The couple chooses half and each set of parents chooses a quarter. So if you decided to invite 200 people on your wedding, you and your partner will have the freedom to choose 100 people to invite, your parents will get 50 people to invite and your partner’s parents will get to decide on the other 50.  The couple and the parents each get one third of the invitees. If you’re going to have a wedding of 300 guests, you can invite 100, your partner can invite another 100, your parents and your partner’s parents can the other 100 slots. The bride’s family chooses half and the groom’s family chooses the other half. If you’re going to invite 500 guests, each family can split the number and will have 250 slots of guests to fill in.

Decide where you’ll cut off family invitations

In the Philippines where people are family oriented, extended family invitations became a practice. The general rule is to treat family groups equally, if you are to invite your aunt, all of your aunts and uncles should also receive invitations.  Start with your immediate family and funnel it down to your closest friends. It is also part of the custom to accompany invited guests in going to the party even they are not invited, as long as they know the couple. Don’t put Juan dela Cruz and Family if you just want to invite Juan dela Cruz and not his family. The Filipinos  custom of bringing o families even if the invitation is addressed to only one person doesn’t really goes well knowing that this kind of practice results to unexpected lack of food and other event needs, if  the couples didn’t provide excess food for unexpected guests aside from the fact that other people go for another round for food this will definitely lead to problems, that is why it is ideal to have a systematic plan with your food catering services.

Give both sides the same number of extra guests

After finalizing people whom you will be inviting, determine how many extra spots is needed to be filled then divide it evenly between both of your families. Allow the bride and groom to choose who are going to fill the available slots. If after then,there is still guests’ slots to be filled distribute equal number of invites to the parents of both couples to give way to the people whom they wanted to be witnesses of your  wedding day it could be a friend they knew for a long time.

Make the call about children

We cannot eliminate the fact that children will be present on the event itself; set an age limit or totally cut out the kids whenever possible. If they aren’t part of the entourage and if your reception is set at a later time then just cut out the kids below 12 years old. Chances are they could be sleeping even before you cut your cake. Sure they are cute but inviting these kids would mean extra, starting from the food you’ll serve, to the tables, and not to mention the materials you have to provide to keep them occupied and avoid that ear-splitting cry they would make every now and then. These kids might also have nannies which could mean extra guests. The practice is to prepare activities for the kids to keep them entertained. It is also a good idea to keep their appetite full through pica-pica so they won’t be throwing tantrums and interrupt the program itself.

Return the favor

Indebtedness is a considerable aspect especially for Filipinos. If the couple invites you on their wedding, they are expecting that they will also get an invite on yours. Though this is not mandatory but since in our country indebtedness is a big factor, couples choose to conform. It’s a must to limit your invites especially when they are not part of the family and your inner circle.

Having your loved ones and people close to your heart as witnesses of your special day is definitely a memorable and momentous event to look forward. A special event such as wedding accepts no apology in case of failure and hassle. The success story of your wedding day lies on your own hands. Choosing the right essential partners such as an affordable catering, and  beautiful wedding venue is a great step to envision success. It is a matter of being well prepared to avoid undesirable circumstances.

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