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Why You Should Send Out Wedding Thank You Cards

Although the act of sending out thank you cards is not as popular here in the Philippines, there are a few important reasons why you should consider writing them.

What: Thank you cards

These are handwritten letters handed out after the celebration is over. Though this might seem like a tedious, unnecessary act, expressing gratitude as a couple shows how much you both value the effort people made to attend your wedding.

Who: Wedding guests

Send thank you notes to everyone who attended the wedding, as well as those who couldn’t but sent you wedding gifts. It took them about 15 to 30 minutes to pick a gift from your registry (and even more for the people who had to prepare for your formal affair), so you can allot them the same courtesy when writing your cards.

When: One to three months after your wedding

Guests will understand if you don’t immediately give them thank you cards, especially if you’ve had an extended honeymoon. But make an effort to write your notes as soon as you have settled in your home. Do the letters in batches (like 10 letters a day), then split the task as a couple (5 for each person). If you want your letter to be more personal, open their wedding gift together then decide on what to say.

Where: Addressed to their homes

Though it seems convenient, never ever say thank you through text message or instant messenger because it diminishes the value of the act. Instead, surprise your guests by sending actual cards to their homes via snail mail or express mail (in case you forgot, you can get your guests’ addresses from your wedding list directory!). If you’re pressed for time or strapped for cash, an alternative option is to send an e-card through their personal email addresses.

How: Make thank you letters extra special by making sure they contain the following…

Customized card – A personalized card need not be expensive. You can find many printable templates online which you can edit to include your names and a picture as newlyweds. An extra special touch would be to include a few printed photos that were taken at the wedding which they can keep for themselves.

Personal message – Start off with a thank you, then specify what you’re thanking them for. In this case, it’s for their attendance and/or gift. Say how you’ll be able to use their bridal gift in your everyday lives. If someone gave you money or a gift certificate, no need to specify the exact amount.

Signed signatures – Be sure you end all letters with both your signatures, not just one person.

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