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Why Quarantine Wedding is More Fun in the Philippines?

It usually took a year to plan and conceptualized a full blast wedding but in the presence of the COVID-19, this norm can be defied. Detail per detail couples are scrutinizing to make sure they won’t miss even the small ones. Couples usually took time attending fairs and searching online to find sought after wedding suppliers that match their budget. They also go over wedding ideas and suggestions given by their loved ones.

Even though COVID-19 might blur the idea of wedding events this year, some couples see the light and a brighter picture even with the presence of the virus and chose to pull off a quarantine wedding.

But, what is the reality of a quarantine wedding? How does it differ from the usual wedding?

Quaran-tip: The use of online platforms such as Facebook and Zoom is highly encouraged for couples who wanted to share their special moment virtually to those who won’t be able to make it physically.

intimate wedding


intimate wedding

Quaran-tip: You can also pull off a backyard wedding this quarantine period. READ:  Why Backyard Weddings are a Good Idea Now

intimate wedding

After we learn the difference between grand and micro weddings, let us now explore why quarantine weddings are tagged to be more fun in the Philippines.

1.  Intimate celebration

Though Filipinos love to prepare and extend their effort especially during celebrations, we are also compliant as well. Now that we can bring light to intimate weddings, the well-known trait of Filipinos is also highlighted which is having close family ties. When we speak about an intimate wedding, only a few are allowed to attend on the other hand still families find ways to stay connected with the use of online platforms.

2.. Exploring the virtual world

Talking about exploring the virtual world, we are very privileged to have a lot of social media platforms that we can use to bridge the gap, made by the pandemic. Filipinos being resourceful in nature look at social media platforms in a wider picture. Aside from its usual function which to communicate it can also be a virtual means for ceremonies like for weddings.

You can actually set-up a Zoom wedding, Zoom is an on-the-go social media platform usually use for business inclined purposes but now you can set a meeting time and meet virtually for events.

Quaran-tip: Provide the perfect lighting to your wedding location and set-up with the use of ring light, while maintaining stability with the use of a tripod. 

3.  Creative photoshoot ideas

While most couples eye remote locations for their pre-nuptial shoots, who would have thought that the comfort of your homes can be the perfect location? If you are as well looking into a minimalist kind of shoot the plain walls, sofa, windows, and garden can be your excellent backdrop. Couples can freely move and flaunt a pose with their comfortable spaces.

intimate wedding

4. Convenience

Even the most relevant events in our lives won’t take down our well-known identity and trait, following  Filipino time. Filipino time is a concept wherein people tend to disregard the standard time and follow their own time which usually results in being late.

With more time of preparation and fewer details to examine, convenience is assumed with intimate weddings. This will result in a smooth sailing flow of the on-site event and give out convenience for everyone.

5. Delicious Food

One of the highlights of the Filipino celebrations is good food. We don’t usually remember the food by its name but through its remarkable taste. We also then associate good food with good service, since we don’t want to hassle on the dot.

One of the best and practical way to fill your dining tables is to hire a caterer or order food for your event if you don’t feel like cooking. Hizon’s catering offers a luscious collection of food in variety, from the main courses and desserts, you can also avail group meals that vary in size. If you are then looking to adding up aesthetics through putting up simple decorations we also have the party in a box package, wherein aside from the food we also include party favors such as balloons and banners.

hizon's catering

It’s commendable how we always find ways to see light in the dark. Our resilience as Filipinos is really admirable, like the way we can pull off a wedding in such a safe way despite the presence of COVID-19.

Hizon’s catering is also open for your event inquiries, we offer grand and intimate packages, you can reach us through our Facebook Page: Wedding Catering by Hizon.

We are also accepting food orders, for the full menu and details please send us a message at Food Order by Hizon’s Catering.

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