Wedding Planning Timeline Series-2 Months before (Part 6 of 10)

Each month of your wedding planning has a corresponding responsibility to fulfill, starting from the first month down to the last few days before the wedding.

Your second month away from the big day demands your dynamic effort to be able to keep the planning on track despite of the past tougher months. Now that you are just few months away, mailing your invitations, thinking about your wedding vows, purchasing your accessories and confirming your day of transportation are next in line.

Mail invitations

Mailing your invitations to the people on your guest list is another box to tick, sending them invites two months earlier before the date gives them enough time to respond on the RSVP, which will serve as a guide to your planner and coordinator on how they will manned the food, program, seating arrangements and other necessary picks for your wedding.

Though this may seem to be a simple task, this is actually one of the things that matter most to your valued guests, since they can save the date earlier, file leave on their work and free their schedule on other commitments. Along with the fact that the important notice will be relayed to them such as the wedding church and the reception venue, apart from this the theme for your wedding that serves as a guide for your guests’ outfit is also anticipated on invitations.

Write or decide vows

Apart from the traditional vows that has been overheard from countless weddings, you as a couple who is madly and deeply in love with each other  should be sharing your valued guests a glimpse of your commitment for love and the readiness to enter the door of marriage, through your personal thoughts written on an oratorical way.

Your vows should be an expression of your love and commitment that is solemnly uttered to your partner on your wedding ceremony. That is why composing this might take you some time, along the way of planning when you are seemed to be stressed by colliding ideas and unwanted favors,  take a moment to reflect and think about the good things and list down the good favors you want to pledge to your partner on your wedding day this might lessen your stress and help you move forward on you planning state.

reception venue

Purchase day of accessories

For girls are very mindful on how they will actually look on their wedding day, that is why after several makeup trials they have been, that is the only time when they can finally decide whom crafty palms will touch their face on their wedding day itself. Along with that makeup essentials are accessories that are also head turner.  On the other hand,  your groom also needs accessories to slay perfect wedding shots at the same time it adds the confidence,  for a man to show a level up version of himself given the opportunity to dress up.

Listing down what to purchase for your adornments?  Here are the things you must be check upon:

For the bride: 

For the groom

Confirm day of transportation

Your transportation for your wedding gives you mobility to meet the expected time of arrival on your wedding church and event place. Confirming your mode of transportation takes away the worries of you thinking what to ride going to your wedding site.

Whether your wedding theme is classic or modern, we got a mode of transportation that perfectly meets your need.

The things mentioned above are all necessary things that are commonly overlooked once there is no organized list of things to accomplish. Moving closer to your wedding day up next is applying for your marriage license and getting everything printed.


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