Wedding Planning Timeline Series-10 Months before (Part 2 of 10)

When you already booked the church and wedding reception venue, drafted your guest list, done your engagement party and registered your names online, this is just the right time to take one step towards the big day through planning more detailed agenda.

10 months before

Pick an officiant 

To create the right kind of wedding, you must pick the most suitable person to officiate your wedding ceremony. In some cases, couples choose the officiant who has been part of their journey even before they decided to get marry. Since, wedding is momentous and sacred it is just equitable to choose the one whom you think can impart to you as husband and wife the relevance of this unity.

Choose vendors

After registering online, you must find time as couple to go to bridal fairs and food tastings to be able to select the suitable wedding suppliers that can manage your expectations and give the appropriate services. For the most part, vendors present on bridal fairs let the clients experience their services, for instances make up services they can accommodate trial make up for the bride, for once offering video and photo services they give a show off of their best wedding shots to introduce their brands to the clients and for affordable catering they show off their premier dishes and give packages that clients can avail.


affordable catering

Select a bridal party 

Bridal party is a bond intended for the group chosen by the bride including the bride maids line up. It is  basically a time to get to know more each other and show the naughty side of each one through exciting treats and surprises for the soon to wed.

affordable catering

Take engagement photos

Taking engagement photos is a preliminary documentary of soon-to-wed couples.  The difference between prenuptial photos and engagement photos are the clothes worn by the couples, during prenuptial photos they wore more extravagant clothing compare to clothes worn on engagement photos. At the same time, prenuptial photos are more relevant since such materials will be use on invitation, video presentations and other necessary stuffs on the wedding itself.

affordable catering

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