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Why You Should Wear An RTW Wedding Gown

Why spend half of your wedding budget for a dress you’ll only wear once? Here’s why a handful of brides choose to wear RTW dresses during their big day.

An RTW gown usually costs much, much less. An exclusive design from a top-notch wedding designer nowadays would roughly cost P80,000 or more, depending on the design and detail. A ready to wear gown of your choosing fits any budget, but the price usually starts at P10,000, and if you want a gown off the rack of more well known fashion designers, it can be as high as P50,000.

You will know immediately if the design that you like looks good on you. When a designer wants to create a wedding gown sketch for you, he or she thinks about your body type, personality, his own style, and what style you like. But what might look great on paper might look different once you have your first fitting. For RTW wedding dresses, you’ll know in a few minutes that style looks great on you, or you can try on as many as you want until you find “the one”.

You already have a specific wedding gown in mind, or like the classic look. If you’ve had a particular wedding gown that you’ve wanted since you got engaged (or since you were a little girl!), why would there be a need for a designer to make it for you, when you can find it yourself? The same goes if you like sticking to the classics—there will always be a wedding gown out there that’s as timeless as your taste.

You want to cut costs on your wedding budget. Couples usually feel uncomfortable with spending the same amount on their dress that they would spend on the food during the wedding, which is usually the case. Cutting down on the budget for your dress means you’ll have more money to spend on other things for your wedding, or save more money for the nest egg for your marriage.

You have a short time to prepare for the wedding. Unless you’re BFFs with the gown designer, creating a wedding gown in a few weeks or even a few short months is next to impossible. For an RTW wedding gown, all you need to find the dress is a few weeks or a month, and you’re done!

You’re not into the idea of passing it on to your future daughter. The usual reasons behind getting a custom made wedding gown are mostly sentimental—“it’s a once in a lifetime moment that should be treasured forever”, “It’s my special day and I want to look my best”, and “I want to pass it on for my daughter to wear it on her special day”. Think about it: How many of your friends wore their mother’s wedding dress? Not a lot. Your wedding day isn’t made less special just because your gown isn’t super expensive, or made especially for you. Remember that a wedding is a celebration of love, and that your future husband is marrying you not because of what you look like, but because he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

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