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Ways to Entertain Kids during Party

Making your child happy on their special day is one of the main goals why you throw them a party and at the same time, we wanted our guest to feel the same. From clothes to giveaways, parents want it to be customized in accordance to the celebrant’s choice. During a children’s party, there are a lot of invites to be expected especially if it is the 7th Birthday to start, from friends and classmates of the celebrant including their parents, and of course the relatives. In as much as we try to organize everything mishaps and lapses will almost always happen which can cause delays. So to avoid kids being impatient while waiting for the main event here are the tips you might find helpful.

Play an audiovisual presentation

A presentation showing the celebrant’s photos involving his/her friends is a good idea to divert the attention of the kids. They may find it enjoyable seeing their faces on the big screen and expect to hear laughs and cute reactions.

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Hire an entertainer

Clowns are the most recognized entertainers during kid’s party. They can shape balloons into animal figure; they can perform magic shows and even initiate a game so the kids will be entertained and make sure they will not feel sleepy or irritated.

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Prepare food carts

Expect long lines on food carts especially while waiting for the party to start.  Hotdogs, fries, chocolates and cotton candies are kid’s choice during parties. You can also choose food stations which contain kids’ favorites such as churros with different dips and toppings. They will surely return and ask for more.

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Prepare arts and crafts activity

Kids are creative in nature they always want to be engaged in drawing and coloring activities. It is a good idea to provide crayons, coloring books or handicrafts where they can showcase their artistic side.

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Have their faces painted

Face painting during parties is also a kid’s choice activity. They enjoy seeing themselves painted with colors and designed in different figures such as flowers, ball, and even cartoon characters. This is an engaging activity you shouldn’t miss.

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Provided these tips and activities there’s no need to worry if ever hassle arrives. Just make sure to plan things ahead so everything falls into place. Aim for a successful party and expect big smiles afterwards.

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