Vista Land Inc. Party 2019

Celebrating a breakthrough on the business industry, Vista Land Incorporated held their thanksgiving party last December 16, 2019.  The event was held at The Tent Vista Global South  an events place with a maximum sitting capacity of 5,000.  The event is primarily a celebration of birth of Mr. Manny Villar, the Founder and CEO of Vista Land Incorporation. In line with the event is the awarding ceremony of the employees who has been with the company for couple of years.

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The preparation for big events like this demands a greater effort starting from the man power down to the styling. A large number of man power is a needed to be able to serve as larger number of guests. For the food, serving time must be properly observed, it is also a necessity to check if the food is served at its best condition. Even the styling should not be overlooked, all centerpieces must be well distributed on each tables giving a fare and square look on the venue.

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Partaking on this celebration, Hizon’s Catering an affordable catering service for all kinds of event was able to serve approximately 2,000 heads letting each one of them experience a first- hand service. Hizon’s Catering only serves delectable dishes from the main course down to the desserts, which painted satisfaction on the guests faces.

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Team work was the key for these kinds of event that commonly welcomes thousands of guests especially for the month of December when corporate events are at stake. A well planned and plotted details revel in to the commitment of giving and serving guests. In addition, Four two-way buffet set up was considered during the event to give a faster food serving for the guests.

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Hizon’s Catering continuous to prove that quantity doesn’t cede quality. Vista Land Incorporated is just one of the many well-established company that entrusted Hizon’s Catering during their events for couples of years now.


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