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Ultimate Guide to a Rescheduled Wedding Event

The first quarter of this twin year has bought a lot of unexpected happenings in our country that affected almost every inch of our day to day living. All of a sudden your plans for event and gathering were displaced, considering that every occasion matters whether big or small we need to take a look at the brighter side. You don’t need to rush into details for your plans are now given ample time to double-check and rearrange. For a couple’s most awaited event a virus just surprisingly joined the scene, it was really frustrating but then it is just a challenge on how you as partners will deal with spontaneous problems that life will bring you. Don’t lose the energy on making your dream event possible because it is still a mission to be accomplished.

Here is a helpful guide for your wedding event rescheduling.

Choose your move date

It is ideal to move your date six months to one year after the recovery period of the country given the confidence of everyone to attend a mass gathering. Your move date should be your initial step towards rescheduling for it will be the core of the whole plan.

Questions to consider when choosing your move date:

Has the curve flatten, wherein social gatherings are already allowed? Your basis in answering this question is the confidence that your current situation is showing.

Are you given ample time to change all the details? These tasks will surely be needy of your time and attention that is why before choosing your date be feasible on your estimation.

Are your invites be available at this time? For sure your invites have a lot of pending tasks to accomplish, as a consideration to their efforts and time, let them be able to settle their priorities first.

Will the wedding church and venue be available together with other suppliers? On point, this question is crucial, surely other clients like you will be working on their adjustments so better to settle with your supplier as early as possible especially to your wedding church, catering service, and wedding reception venue.



Ask for the availability of the wedding church venue for your chosen date.

All year round the church’s calendar has filled its slots for events, which is why it is utmost important for you to secure your slot first on your wedding church venue before moving to the next step.

Contact your wedding planner

It is essential to contact your wedding planner for you will work as a team in this move. You can seek and hear advice and brainstorm ideas at the same time. Your wedding planner could be entrusted to contact your wedding suppliers for them to be informed about the plans as early as possible since surely a lot of their other clients are about to the same.

Inform your venue

Your wedding venue is considered to be one of your major suppliers that is why in significant changes like move date, wedding venue should be immediately advice so they can check the availability and make sure they are commitment-free during your aimed date.

Inform your other wedding suppliers

This is an arduous task that will surely demand a lot of effort and time since you need to talk and reach out to each of your suppliers.

Supplier’s checklist

Catering service
Photo and video
Bridal car
Event host and performers
Other event essentials such as lights and sound, cake and mobile bar suppliers

What are the things you should settle with your suppliers?

Target date

Changes in other major details such as the location, time, and the number of pax.

Payment method

Scan your event details

Before settling down, scan all your event details make sure you are not missing anything especially the commonly unforeseen details in wedding planning.

Inform your invites

Lastly, your invites are surely expecting an update from you, so once each and every detail are already finalized reach out to your invites.

It will be so much easier if like the beginning you and your partner will work for hand in hand. The idea of being resilient and open to changes makes your wedding memorable and fun.

At last, your contingency plan will save you from all distress. Let this trying times be a lesson that marked important points as you walk through the next chapter of your life.



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