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Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Metro Manila

Weddings are absolutely stunning regardless of the location. Traditional church weddings are immutable, but there is something enchanted about garden weddings. The neutral features of a garden magnify the scene and maintain the relaxing aura. Most of the garden venues are not only found in provinces, in fact at the heart of an urbanized city a hidden sanctuary is yet to be discovered.

Here is the list of garden venues in the metro:

Fernwood Gardens (Quezon City)

Fernwood Gardens is a concept started by Mr. Al de Veyra as a simple garden landscape that quickly flourished to become a dazzling showcase of flora.  Aiming how the panorama would be ideal for weddings, Mr. de Veyra then ingeniously conceptualized the perfect wedding and events venue where nature’s rewards are highlighted.

Fernwood Gardens offer a calm atmosphere. The new landscapes and structures are the additional attraction in the place. Fernwood Gardens display fine details that add flavor to the setup. Featuring nature’s wonder, such as swans, Koi fishes, and birds, they all present a thrill.

Function Halls 

Fernwood Gardens have four function halls, namely Fernwood 1, Coral Tree, Courtyard, and Cycad.  The halls display a  natural aesthetic that adds a rare beauty that even a simple design will look elegant in this venue.

Fernwood 1

Fernwood Gardens







Coral Tree

Fernwood Gardens


Fernwood Gardens


Fernwood Gardens

Blue Gardens (Quezon City)

Blue Gardens is a dream turned into a concept and flourish into a garden event venue. This is just a glimpse of the beautiful French and English garden-inspired venue at the heart of Quezon City.

Function Halls 

Upper Gardens

Blue Gardens venue captures the Old World charm and natural beauty of a French garden. Upon entering the garden, a world of wonder is shown; a variety of flowers will please your eyes, and a bubbling fountain, and the presence of an ornamental bicycle are an additional attractions for activities such as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial photo shoots.

Blue Gardens

Chateau Hall

This European inspired hall exudes elegance in every corner. The newly renovated hall has a towering ceiling at 40 feet with beautiful customized floral arrangements. Flowers are generously given to guests for beautification of their own homes.

Blue Gardens Chateau

Jardin Del’ Amour

Jardin Del’ Amour means “Garden of Love”,  this beautiful wedding venue features structures inspired by the town of Verona an old town in Italy the setting of the famous Romeo and Juliet.

Be astonished by the beautiful natural stone path and stone benches inspired by an era of love. Take one step closer to an unfulfilled love story and let yours be the alternative. The Verona village has an entrance from the back where the bride and groom can make their entrance and go down the stairs like a couple from a fairytale.

Blue Gardens Jardin del Amour

Jardin de Marimar (Antipolo)

A venue conceptualized and designed by award-winning artists, Jardin de Marimar is a three-hectare garden venue in Antipolo.  It offers different venues that show off different themes. Highlights include the historical Intramuros, wherein the prominent fortress in Manila is seen and up to be experienced. Galera features Noah’s Ark, built from a former fishing boat. Sevilla is an air-conditioned hall while Isla Palma is an open ground with a stage and swimming pool. A tour of Santa-themed displays and Christmas all-year-round feels is offered by Casa Santa.

Function Halls 



A Filipiñiana inspired wedding venue in a mini forest setting. Ylang-Ylang celebrates nature by featuring sawali and bamboo poles that will make you embrace fresh air and a relaxing vibe, inspired by a simple country life built by memories of joy.


Jardin de Miramar- Sevilla


Jardin de Miramar- Plaza

Palazzo Verde (Las Piñas)

Victorian Era-inspired architecture that makes you feel like royalty! Palazzo Verde is located in Las Piñas City, this venue caters to different events such as weddings, debuts, and private parties. Their variety of amenities lets you choose the perfect venue depending on your number of guests, and needs. Palazzo Verde offers venue selection for ceremony and reception.

Function Halls 

Colonial Ballroom

The royal blood feels invades the place, and Renaissance paintings and chandeliers will surely capture your eyes.

Palazzo Verde- Colonial Ballroom

Byzantine Garden 1

The glass walls offering exciting views of the al fresco garden set the refreshing ambiance. A coffee bar is also accessible within the area.

Palazzo Verde- Byzatine 1

Byzantine Garden 2

The mysterious spectacle of this place will amaze you visually and take your mind in wonder. The presence of landscape and waterfalls take you to a well-imagined world.

Palazzo Verde- Byzatine 2

Victorian Garden 1

The classy yet calming aura stills the moment. From the head-turning entrance to its gold leaf-plated pillars and paintings–filled ceiling, Victorian 1, provides you with a venue that will stun everyone.

Palazzo Verde 1- Victorian 1

Victorian Garden 2

Can accommodate 300 pax, combined with all the elements that emphasize the details of the Victorian Era, this is Palazzo Verde’s biggest venue.

Palazzo Verde- Victorian 2

Light of Love (Manila)

Light of Love is a two-hectare garden that offers a serene and breathtaking ambiance. A sanctuary of exotic trees, blooms, a lagoon, and a waterfall offering beauty all over the place, with a fascinating surrounding Light of Love offers 6 venues to choose from namely Love, Trust, Loyalty, Integrity, Cherish, and Atrium. Each hall is uniquely designed to accommodate both intimate and luxurious events such as weddings, kiddie parties, corporate events, and graduation balls.

Function Halls 


Light of Love - Love


Light of Love Trust


Light of Love Loyalty


Light of Love integrity


Light of Love Cherish


Light of Love Atrium

In the midst of busy life in the city still, there is a hidden wonder waiting to be discovered. These garden venues offer the best of their services to partake in your grandest event. Make timeless memories in this beautiful wedding venue in the metro.

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