Throw the Best Company Despedida Ever!

A proper send off can be depressing to plan, especially if it’s for a workmate that’s become a close friend. But who better else to plan the affair than those who know the workmate the best? Here are the elements to a fantastic despedida that will both be fun and full of heart.

A truthful guest list. Resist the urge to invite everyone in the company to make the party seem like a success. Invite only a handful of friends, or those belonging in the same department as the employee. Be aware of those who your workmate wouldn’t want to see—perhaps steer away from his or her frenemies, or the person who caused him or her to lose their job, or the terror boss who’ll be a killjoy.

A reputable caterer. Going potluck is okay if there’s a small amount of people to invite, but if there’s a long guest list, thinking if the food will be enough for everyone will make you anxious. Take the stress out of the equation by hiring a reputable caterer that can accommodate your requests on the fly. You’d be surprised on how affordable and easy it is to hire one, even for the most intimate of gatherings.

A few party decorations. If you’ve got the time and the talent to make the space for your despidida Instagram-worthy, then by all means, go for it! But if you’re artistically challenged, there’s no need to bend over backwards to make the space feel festive. Balloons and flowers and the easiest and foolproof way to make any space look livelier. Grab a couple of ready made, store-bought streamers, and you’re good to go.

A sound system. Gone are the days that you need a bulky set of speakers and a huge stereo to turn the music up. Now you’ve got your trusty smartphone and Spotify, and you’re an instant DJ! Get a set of bluetooth speakers to really get the party going. If you’ll be having the party in a bigger space, consider getting a professional sound system provider for it, though.

A short but sweet program. At the end of the day, a despidida is really a celebration of the person you’re saying goodbye to. It’s a way to reminisce on the times you spent together, as well as give them a proper send off that shows how much you appreciate the person leaving. Include the gift giving in the program. Ask your guests to bring tokens or gifts for the person to remember them by, or to fill out a notebook or frame filled with messages of well wishes that the celebrant can take with them and treasure forever.

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