Things to Consider in Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make before your wedding is finding just the right venue. So grab your notepad and pen and write down these important factors that you need to consider. It will help you avoid a lot of hassles and sudden mishaps on your special day.

AVAILABILITY – It is best to begin the venue search at least six months to one year prior to your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to deal with possible conflicts. Also, bear in mind that there are thousands of couples getting married every day, so it’s best to start early if you want to book the best venue that fits your criteria.

BUDGETHow much am I willing to spend on the venue? You need to ask yourself and your partner this question before making any ocular visits. You should have at least an estimated amount in mind, if not specific. Also, be realistic on setting your wedding budget. Don’t make a budget that is too low from the actual venue fees or you’ll go home frustrated and empty-handed. It is best to do some research first on different price ranges for wedding venues.

YOUR GUEST LIST – Before making a list of your prospective venues, you first need to make a list of all your wedding guests. This need not be a detailed and final list yet. It can be a rough estimate of how many guests you expect to arrive at your wedding day. Aside from the aesthetics, you would want to make sure that your venue has enough space to accommodate your guests comfortably.

THEME OR MOOD OF YOUR WEDDINGDo you want a formal or informal gathering? Do you have a specific theme in mind? Would your venue compliment the mood of your celebration? If you have a specific theme in mind, you may opt for a venue that has the same look and feel. For those on a tight budget it would also save you a lot of money because you don’t need to put too much decoration just to achieve the look you want.

RULES AND REGULATIONSHow long can you book the venue for your wedding? Is there a corkage fee or catering charge? Is alcohol or loud music allowed? Different venues have different rules and regulations to follow. For instance some churches have strict rules when it comes to attire or wedding song choices. Before you sign any contract, read it carefully. It’s okay to ask as much questions regarding the policies in order to avoid any problems during the actual wedding day.

ACCESSIBILITY – In finding a venue, consider the proximity of the place from where your guests will be coming from. You need to make sure that your guests have enough means to go there in order to avoid delays or any inconvenience both for you and your guests. If your reception venue is different from your ceremony venue, it is advisable to have the two in close distance from each other.

FACILITIESDo they have adequate rest rooms? Is there enough space for a band or for dancing? Is there a room for the bride and groom to change and relax? Are there plenty of parking spaces for your guests’ vehicles? If it’s an outdoor event, do they have any backup plans for rainy days? You need to know if the venue has the appropriate facilities and services that you need for your event.

WEDDING PICTURES – Venues with good lighting will surely bring more life and beauty to your wedding photographs. You may also want to check if a venue has other spots that are great for wedding pictorials such as a lush garden, or a great seaside view.

When doing an ocular, bring a handy camera with you. It would help you determine if the place is picturesque. Also, you could use the pictures as reference for your venue design planning, or you can give it to your wedding stylist if you have one.

Familiarizing yourself with the important factors is one of the best tools that you can use in order to get the best venue for your wedding.

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