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The Proper Attire For Kids’ Parties

A children’s party may be a somewhat casual affair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best.

DO pick a pair of shoes that you can stand in for the entire duration of the party. Expect a lot of walking around, mingling with people, going around party booths, and troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

DON’T wear pointed, toe-crushing high heels. You want your feet to enjoy the party too, right?

DO go for something comfortable. Choose a dress or top with breathable fabrics such as cotton, chambray, and linen. Plus, make sure you can move in your clothes. Who knows what fun activities you and your child will be joining at the party!

DON’T dress in something tight or sloppy. A party is an excuse to celebrate and eat cake, so skip the pencil skirts and the snug pants! With regards to comfort, men sometimes equate comfortable clothes to a loose wrinkled top paired with gym shorts. If this is the case, take your guy shopping and show him a thing or two about being comfortable while looking sharp.

DO don a casual yet presentable getup. It’s okay to wear jeans as long as you pair them with a dressy top. Since kids will be present at the party, there’s a big chance you’ll experience minor mishaps (spills or pukes are both possibilities!), so wear something you don’t mind becoming dirty.

DON’T pick anything white or revealing. White is the easiest target for food stains! Meanwhile, a skirt that’s just an inch under your buttocks or a sheer shirt won’t sit well with older, more traditional guests. You don’t want others secretly thinking you’re not a good example to younger invitees.

DO choose a medium-sized sling bag that’ll leave your hands free. Make sure your bag contains all the essentials, which you can take around while carrying your friend’s or your own child. As an option, you can also wear something with lots of pockets, allowing you to stash your baby’s fave stuffed toy in one pocket, and a pack of baby wipes in another.

DON’T bring big bags that would be hard to lug around. Limit the number of things you take to the party to lessen the chances of forgetting stuff.

DO select unique accessories. From a statement bib necklace to ornate bangles, standout trinkets would spruce up a simple outfit!

DON’T wear dangling earrings. Just imagine the pain you’ll be feeling when babies and toddlers decide to tug on these tempting accessories.

DO sport matching or thematic outfits to help you stand out as a family. This will work to your advantage especially if you’re the ones hosting the event.

DON’T be a spoilsport and dress against the theme. Make life easier for the hosts by wearing a pattern or color that goes with the party theme.

DO look your most natural best. Go for light makeup with hair blow dried or up in a ponytail.

DON’T wear too much makeup. This is not a formal affair, so you can ditch the layers of makeup.

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