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The Most Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2024

Silhouette of couple riding bike while holding hands. The sunset is their backdrop.Superstition is woven into the fabric of Filipino life. Many Filipinos place importance on their chances of a joyous marriage.

In this cultural tapestry where superstitious beliefs coil with daily life, some couples look to the stars. 

As we delve into the quest for auspicious wedding dates in 2024, we invite you to join us on a celestial journey guided by the stars. Together, we’ll uncover the most auspicious moments to utter those cherished words, “I do.”

So, fasten your seatbelts for an expedition that seamlessly weaves love, stars, and the enchanting fusion of the two.

Unveiling the Cosmic Bonds

While making the relationship work lies solely on the couples, Astrology can still help them guide their lives. Couples can measure their compatibility according to the way their signs are grouped based on Western astrology. So, how does one tell if they are compatible? Here are some qualities you should look at:

More nuances and many more technical aspects go into determining a couple’s compatibility. It is best to consult an astrologer to determine accurate dates for getting married.

Stellar Entities and Prosperity

Aside from the stars, new moons are often looked at as a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and potential, which is what any couple wants for their married life. Supermoons are also considered good luck as they are associated with heightened energies and positive change. 

Auspicious wedding dates in 2024 and beyond 

With that said, here are the dates for 2024, 2025, and 2026 with a new moon and a supermoon:




Globe with illustrated zodiac signs.

Some dates are especially infused with luck:

The zodiac sign Libra is connected with companionship. A new moon happening during this season is sure to be extra special. In 2024, this falls on October 3.

Aside from Libra, new moons during Capricorn season are also blessed as the sign corresponds with longevity, endurance, and determination. This new moon falls on December 31, 2024.

A new moon with an eclipse occurring is also considered a prosperous date as the phenomenon is so rare. In 2024, eclipses in the Philippines will take place from March 24 to 25, wherein a penumbral lunar eclipse will occur. On September 17 to 18, a partial lunar eclipse will happen while another lunar eclipse will happen on October 17.

Aside from the moon, planets also play a significant role in considering a day lucky. The planet Jupiter is known for abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity. It moves slowly, taking 13 months to transition to another zodiac, making it an optimistic time. In 2024, it will transition from Aries to Taurus on May 1.

Auspicious days according to the Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese traditions, there’s a touch of magic in tying the knot on the eighth day of the eighth month. It’s believed to be the luckiest day. 

The double eights symbolize boundless fortune – ‘Ba’ sounds like ‘Fa,’ meaning luck. If that date doesn’t quite fit your plans, don’t worry; the eighth day of any month is considered just as auspicious.

And let’s not forget the charm of the number nine! It’s not just a digit; it’s a symbol of longevity and grandeur. Pronounced ‘jiu,’ it echoes the idea of “long-lasting” in Chinese, making it a popular pick for wedding dates.

If you’re following the Chinese Lunar Calendar, running from February 10, 2024, to January 28, 2025, finding your special day is easy. Use Chinese calendar calculators or chat with a Chinese astrologer to unveil the perfect date tailored for you.

Determining auspicious dates through numerology

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences often used for spiritual guidance. They’re seen as fortunate circumstances and show a positive in one’s life.

This year, choose a date with the numbers two and four in it. Because February and April are the second and the fourth month, they have a few lucky dates:

For February: 2/2/24, 2/4/24, 2/24/24

For April: 4/2/24, 4/4/24, 4/24/24

According to numerology, two represents harmony, balance, and peace while four represents planning, commitment, and practicality. Since 2424 is abundant with good tidings, choosing the 24th day of any month will still suffuse your big day and wedding with prosperity.

A Life Path Number is a unique single-digit number that’s calculated from your date of birth. To determine this, add the numerical values of your birth month, birthday, and birth year.

Example: You’d want to add up M + M + D + D + Y + Y + Y + Y and then get a single-digit number. If the sum of the digits in the birthday is a double-digit number, you further add the individual digits together to get a single-digit result.

Let’s say someone was born on October 25, 1998. It would look like this:

1 + 0 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 35

3 + 5 = 7

For couples considering the mystical side of numbers, here’s a fun idea: take a peek at your life path numbers and add them up! That magical sum could be your lucky number. So, for example, if you’re a life path 2 and your partner’s rocking a 5, your lucky number to plan around would be 7. It’s like your personalized cosmic code for a little extra luck in your journey together!

Some final thoughts

We’ve discussed the importance of looking into astrological compatibility. We also found out how the moon plays a part in blessing your day. Not only that, we’ve also covered what Chinese astrology considers lucky. How numbers play a big part in spirituality was also discussed.

But it is important to also remember that your wedding day is already lucky. You’re getting united with the one you love among your family and friends! Isn’t that a happy thought?

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