The Buffet is Now Open: Hizon’s Catering Launches its Online Food Shop

We all have wonderful stories to share about food, whether it’s all about our first time to try one or it can be about our favorite dish. Wrap within these stories are experiences that excite our taste buds every time.

As Hizon’s Catering launches Hizon’s Food Shop, the company extends its kitchen to everyone’s home through its delectable dishes and ready-to-cook frozen.

Welcome to Hizon’s Food Shop…

Hizon’s Food Shop is a full bloom concept of a user-friendly one-stop-shop website wherein your experience with our dishes matter. From our wide variety of enticing dishes that made thousands of life event’s remarkable for more than three decades, we are now extending this possibility to your comfort.

I want to see the menu…

Now that we have open the buffet table for everyone, we are sharing the following:

Food Trays– These are the dishes that introduced Hizon’s Catering to the industry. Foods that made our brand outstanding, well-known, and trusted. Dishes that not only remembered by name but also through its unique taste.

Bakery– Desserts complete each mealtime, everyone used to believe in a happy ending, thus it really exists with us. More than just a happy ending, we also offer a sweeter way to end mealtime with our desserts and treats.

Frozen Ready-To-Cook Items– Now that convenience is everyone’s best friend, we offer a unique way of showing off your cooking prowess in which you can claim our dishes like your own through cooking with your style.

Group Meals– Good foods are always good to share! We know that group meals are meant to recreate differences to your dining tables through our combined flavors of goodness.

Packed Meals– Food is a staple source of energy and we are here to give you not just the energy you’ll be needing for a day but also to share with you how motivating our flavors are.

I want to order; can someone please assist me?

Live Chat– Since our website is accessible and reliable, you can seek assistance through our live chat handled by our friendly and dedicated sales agent.

Add to Cart-You can also directly place your orders through this feature. Our site gives transparent details that will serve as your reference, these are the name of dishes per category, prices, and the number of servings.

Contact us– Aside from the first two options, you can also choose to leave us a message whether for your orders or feedback, both will be great and highly appreciated.

Preparing your orders…

Delivery– We go after your convenience! Count on our reliable service as we deliver our fresh dishes to your doorstep.

Lead time– To ensure the quality of our top-notch dishes, we provide one day lead time for all orders.

Quality Food– From our top of the lines dishes that make every celebration remarkable, we are now bringing quality meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your homes.

Ready to serve…

Get your spoon and fork ready! We are now about to blast your dining tables. Enjoy our delectable meals right next to your convenience and rest assure that no mealtime will be labeled as ordinary with our great tasting dishes.

Bill out…

You can proceed with your payment through our different methods, we are accepting payments through G-CASH, BANK TO BANK TRANSFER, and CASH ON DELIVERY.

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