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The 10 Best Wedding Churches in Metro Manila

When it comes to wedding planning, the majority of couples prioritize selecting a church with a breathtaking view or a convenient location (i.e., one that is close to the reception venue). Although this may be appealing to many, nothing surpasses a church ceremony: a setting that provides an atmosphere of peace and solemnity while you and your partner exchange vows. Here is a list of historically significant and aesthetically pleasing churches in Metro Manila if you’re searching for a meaningful place to exchange your vows.

1. The Manila Cathedral 

The Manila Cathedral is an ornate and historic cathedral that serves as the site of the Manila Archdiocese. Due to damage and destruction caused by fire, typhoon, earthquakes, and war, the cathedral has undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions, but it still remains today. The Basilica was originally constructed in 1571, but has evolved into its current form over time. Architecture enthusiasts from all over the world venerate the cathedral’s exquisite Neo-Romanesque design.

2. San Agustin Church 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the San Agustin Church is the oldest chapel in the Philippines. The church’s baroque exterior features ornate frescoes and intricate vaulted ceilings. The church is an excellent location for learning about Philippine history and taking Instagram-worthy pictures.

3. Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church

The Malate Catholic Church is a historic church from the 16th century located in the center of Manila. The church’s gorgeous Baroque façade has made it a popular wedding venue for numerous couples. Manila is home to a basilica worth visiting. Its facade displays an old baroque design, and its front end faces Manila Bay. Both its time-honored exterior and naturally illuminated, well-preserved interior are well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing. This church’s floor and ceiling are adorned with architectural details and colored window panes bearing religious motifs.

4. Minor Basilica of San Sebastian 

The San Sebastian Church is a stunning Gothic Revival building in the heart of Manila. Churches are typically constructed of stone, but the San Sebastian Church is exceptional because it is made wholly of steel. The church’s stained-glass windows and beautiful ornaments transport visitors to a period when Gothic architecture and Renaissance paintings were commonplace. Its lofty ceilings, and tall columns provide the ideal setting for your fairytale wedding.

5. Diocesan Shrine of Jesus the Divine World 

The Diocesan Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word in Quezon City is a large and ornate Catholic chapel. It is well-known for its extravagant architecture and expansive grounds, which make it an excellent venue for large nuptials. In addition to a retreat center for clerics and laypeople, the shrine has ample parking space.

6. St. Pancratius Chapel 

St. Pancratius Chapel, located in the center of Manila, is one of the Catholic Church’s many beautiful churches. This chapel is small and intimate, making it ideal for exclusive nuptials. After a wedding ceremony, the gardens surrounding the chapel are a wonderful place to unwind.

7. Binondo Church 

The Binondo Church is a 16th-century landmark that holds regular masses and offers self-guided excursions. The sanctuary also contains the Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, where the Filipino saint Lorenzo Ruiz trained prior to becoming a missionary in Japan. Here, masses are celebrated in English, Filipino, Mandarin, and Hokkien.

Provided by primovenues.com8. Sanctuario De San Antonio 

This Catholic church is located in Forbes Park in Makati, and it is popular for weddings due to its imposing wedding fees and elegant old-world appeal. It has a cross-shaped design and a dome ceiling and is surrounded by verdant vegetation.

If a church could emanate quiet elegance, the Santuario de San Antonio would be it. This venue, situated along McKinley Road in the exclusive subdivision of Forbes Park, is ideal for a simple wedding with an abundance of character. If you are not a parishioner, you should be aware that the available schedules differ from those of parishioners. Furthermore, the latter is marginally less expensive.

1379885_565583243572711_5567334425473441367_n9. St. James the Great Church

St. James the Great Church has been one of the most popular wedding venues, particularly for those from the southern portion of Metro Manila. It is particularly well-suited for sizable weddings due to the available space. It is situated within the exclusive and upscale neighborhood of Ayala Alabang. You will also have access to their courtyard for your post-wedding photographs. The congregation was named after James, son of Zebedee and brother of John the Beloved, one of the first apostles of Jesus Christ.

ian-mata-photography-baby-izza-baptism-christening-christ-the-king-philippines-210.  Christ the King Church

Greenmeadows Avenue is the location of Christ the King Church. The lovely church may appear contemporary, but it has been serving parishioners for nearly 30 years. This was founded in November of 1979. The walls are comprised entirely of glass, with glass window frames and glass folding doors at the base and stained glass and clear window glass panels alternating above. Yes, the Main Church is entirely air-conditioned and can accommodate over one thousand parishioners at once.

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