How to Do a Sustainable Outreach Program

Most companies get into the giving spirit around the holidays, some choosing to adopt a community or a good cause to help out. But oftentimes, groups of people come in once, throw a party, give out gifts, and for the rest of the year, they disappear.

So how do you creating a long relationship of helping out those in need? Here’s how to go about it:

Choose a cause or community to commit to.


There are so many causes out there—poverty, education, feeding, housing—so many causes to help, and so little time, money, and effort to spend on them.

Choose the one that your company or you and your work friends can easily relate to, or is within your own level of expertise. If you work for a chain of restaurants, a feeding program would be the best fit for you. If you work for a toy manufacturing business, giving away toys to the needy or to the children’s wards of government hospitals would be much appreciated.

Plan on how you can adopt the cause or community.

Look into how you can help your chosen cause or community in the long run. Perhaps you can employ the people in the communities to give them long-term work, or you schedule a house-building activity for the different departments of your company to be done for the whole year or more. Whatever the cause may be, looking at it in the long run will make it more sustainable, and will help the community or cause far greater than the money and gifts you’ll give to them in a day.

Think of your holiday program as the “grand launch” of your advocacy.

Throwing a Christmas party in your chosen community or with the organization of your chosen cause is all well and good, especially if you get them involved in the party. But treat the Christmas party as a grand launch of your long-term support for the advocacy. It would also be great if there were a core group involved in the advocacy, perhaps a Corporate Social Responsibility team, to be introduced during the party. These people will be at the forefront of your CSR efforts, and will be those who will work closely with the people involved to make sure that good relationships are formed, and the adopted advocacy is made better because of your help.

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