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Have a Stress-Free Children’s Party

Keep your cool from the moment you plan your kid’s bash to the day of the celebration!

Party stressor: “I’m worried about my child’s party being compared to other parties.”

How to deal: It’s normal for any parent to feel this way, given the number of celebrations you have already attended over the years. However, your focus shouldn’t be on other people’s opinions but on what would make the celebrant happy! Will it matter to him that you’re throwing him a grand bash inside a hotel or would he have more fun with his friends in an amusement arcade? There’s no shame in holding a small but intimate celebration. Get to the bottom of why you’re throwing this party and how much time, budget, and effort you can realistically put in it.

Party stressor: “I’m so disorganized! I don’t know anything about throwing parties.”

How to deal: Start planning as early as you can and draw up a list of things you would need to do until after the party. You can also use a detailed party planning list to keep you on track. Aside from following lists, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegate the work from your partner to your children to your trusted relatives down to your household help, and follow up with them on a regular basis. If money were no object, you can also hire a party planner to oversee the planning and coordinating with your suppliers.

Party stressor: “My family and my spouse’s family want two totally different things.”

How to deal: Consider throwing two smaller parties to appease both your families. Ask each family to host a party, and then involve everyone with the decors, games, and food preparation. Ask your parents or in-laws if they would be willing to throw the parties at their respective homes or consider other venues like their clubhouse’s function room.

Party stressor: “My guests have big appetites. I’m worried about food running out!”

How to deal: Talk to your caterer about your concern and ask them to prepare food for a bigger number of people (especially for the dishes that get wiped out first!). It doesn’t matter if all your guests haven’t RSVPed yet. You could always bring home leftover food in takeaway bags.

Party stressor: “My guests always arrive late! I could only book the venue until a certain time.”

How to deal: A sneaky way to solve this problem is to write down an earlier time in your party invite (but that might frustrate your guests who make it a point to arrive on time!). Another option is to host the party in a venue that is closest to most of your attendees’ homes (therefore eliminating the traffic jam excuse). The last resort would be to reserve your party venue for a longer period of time and just accept the sad fact that most people are still running on Filipino time.

Party stressor: “My child usually throws a tantrum at parties. I’m worried about what he’ll do at his own party!”

How to deal: Try to figure out what stresses your kid out. Could it be the bright lights, the itchy outfit, the blaring music, or the overzealous relatives who shower him with kisses? Pinpoint the problems then make sure they are under wraps for his party. If he is old enough to articulate his thoughts, ask him what causes his agitation, try to understand the reason behind it, and find ways to solve it together. For babies, keep him in a cool room, let him sleep, and feed him moments before his party. As they say, a happy child equals happier parents!

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