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Should You Send Save-the-Date Invites?

Quick! Read on to discover the answer.

To send or not to send?

The answer is not a hard yes or no—it’s simply a matter of preference and ultimately depends on the couple getting married. If you would like to inform guests ahead of time or your invitations are taking longer than expected, this form of invite would help spread the word about your special day. Be sure to send them to the people you really want present at your wedding (i.e. people you’re eyeing for your entourage), not acquaintances you might remove when you need to cut people off your list.

Send out sooner or later?

Distribute save-the-dates at least six months before your wedding day, or earlier if you’ve decided on a destination wedding! Out-of-town weddings are usually a two-day affair, so it would be best to notify people at least eight months before (even if you haven’t settled on the location yet) so that they could check their schedules, block off the dates, make travel arrangements, and save up for the trip.

Paper or digital?

Both are acceptable. Snail mail might take longer to send out since you’ll have to compile everyone’s home or office addresses. As for digital invites, consider the people who’ll be receiving them because they might not check their email inboxes regularly or they might not own one (such as your older relatives). Remember to: 1) get a list of guests’ updated email addresses, and 2) create a personalized title so that your e-vite doesn’t go to the spam or junk folder.

Formal or informal?

A save-the-date invite sets the tone and gives a hint of what guests can expect on your wedding day. If you’ve already decided on a theme, you can include related elements and incorporate them into the design of your save-the-date card. For example, a wood and lace background photo would hint at a rustic wedding theme. But if you’re still undecided, no worries! An elegant typography set over a solid-colored background gives off a timeless feel which will work for any kind of wedding.

Detailed or vague?

There’s no point handing out save-the-date invites if they don’t include the names of the bride and the groom, the date of the wedding, and the city where the event will be held. Other important details can be revealed—like the bridal entourage, wedding and reception venues, location map, and RSVP information—when you hand out your formal invites. If you’ve set up a wedding website, you can also include the address on the card!

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