Restarting Your Wedding Planning as Pandemic Restrictions Lift

Love is patient, as they say, and should be. For years, it took a while before weddings are finally allowed to take place with their desired number of guests.

Now that pandemic restrictions lift, the light finally appears for couples in process of wedding planning. Here are some tips on how to jump on wedding planning now that we are closer to normal again.

1. Check for discounted prices and promos

Since the pandemic started wedding suppliers and the industry itself are heavily affected which caused closures both permanent and temporary, and some even offer big promos and discounts to their clients to gain advanced bookings.

Now that vendors are gaining more opportunities most of them are offering big discounts to their clients as a way to restart their businesses. As couples, you must be finding vendors that offer the best price and service. You can start joining Facebook groups, searching online for inspiration, and even ask for recommendations from your friends who are already married.

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2. Proper Budget allotment

Budget is one of the key factors to start wedding planning. Wedding venue and wedding catering both require a big share in the budget allotment. Couples should be aware of the changes and extra charges that might occur anytime soon like health protocols on theĀ  reception venue for example for a bigger number of guests a bigger venue should be chosen to assure physical distancing.

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3. Look for inspirations online

The online world became the library for soon-to-wed couples, wedding tips, top venue recommendations, best wedding packages and alternative ideas are all found online.

Soon-to-wed couples on wedding planning could join the different Facebook groups and online communities to gain more ideas on how they could work out their plan since many couples are now in the process of planning their wedding whether grand or intimate.

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Join our growing community and get a helping hand from people who already made their events possible and successful!

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4. Attend physical events such as Bridal fairs and Grand Food Tastings

Physical fairs are now allowed, these give a great opportunity for wedding suppliers to showcase their services. These events would help you as couples to determine which services are suitable for your event, plan and most especially budget.

Most big vendors such as wedding catering, provide s a way to give their clients the firsthand experience of their service and dishes through food tasting events. Event places also have booths to accommodate inquiries.

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5. Book your vendors ASAP

Booking your vendors as soon as possible gives you the guarantee to secure your chosen wedding date. On-the-spot booking is also an opportunity to gain more discounts and freebies.

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Through these helpful tips you can now restart your wedding planning that has been postponed during the pandemic or you decided to moved waiting for restrictions to be lifted.

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