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How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less

Most engaged couples take at least a year to prepare for the wedding, but some couples, for one reason or the other, want to be married quicker than expected. How do you go about it? By accomplishing what’s essential, and then getting back to the rest, if there’s still time (and budget!) left. Here’s how to go about it:

Get all the legal documents prepared and finished. Getting a CENOMAR, seminars, and the like need to be taken before the actual ceremony can take place. Read up on the requirements to get the legal documents needed, and get it out of the way as soon as possible.

Finalize your guest list and entourage. Keeping the guest list short will be better for your budget. When you finish the guest list and entourage, send them a text asking if they’ll be able to confirm their attendance, or if they’re part of the entourage, their attendance and participation right away, so that you can do a final head count and make the necessary replacements in the entourage, before you move on with the planning. Having a final head count will be a big help to your suppliers.

Book your venues. Wedding venues, especially if you’ve got your hearts set on the more popular ones, are sometimes booked a year in advance. Take a chance and still inquire about your dream venues. If it doesn’t pan out for one reason or another, make a short list of other venues, and book them right away.

Secure the officiator. Just as important as the bride, groom, and witnesses to be there, so is the officiator! Get a hold of the priest or officiator that you have in mind right away, and get his or her answer on the spot, if possible.

Decide on a color scheme. While some couples go all out and have the grandest theme possible, from reenacting their favorite movies or to creating magical woodland, you simply don’t have the time to do so. Zero in on a color scheme, and ask your events stylist to run with it (but still be within budget!)

Book the photographer and videographer. The more popular photographers or videographers are booked sometimes years ahead, so securing a spot might mean needing to move your wedding date—it will all depend on you!

Book the caterer. Unless you’ll be having a very small wedding, like 10 or 20 people in attendance, getting a caterer as soon as possible should be your priority. Get referrals from friends, and recall weddings or events that you attended wherein the food made a lasting impression on you. Peg them down for your wedding, and you’re halfway through!

Send out the invitations. If you’re really pressed for time, don’t bother to send out Save the Date cards anymore—go straight to the invitations. Make them simple, straight to the point, but still conveys your theme.

Get everyone dressed. Six months is usually the shortest lead time that wedding gown designers will ask for when it comes to creating your wedding gown, but if you don’t have enough time, a lot of bridal designers nowadays offer off-the-rack creations. Buying matching bridesmaids’ dresses, ties for the groomsmen, and the like, must be accomplished ASAP. Don’t forget the rings!

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