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Maximalist vs. Minimalist Wedding

Weddings are actually a debate of expenses, most couples are striving to achieve their dream event on the most practical way possible. This 2019 we overheard the trend minimalist lifestyle which can be associated with all kinds of weddings whether your event will take place in a big church, function hall or a wedding garden venue. A minimalist wedding actually promotes satisfaction, self-sufficiency and environmentalism while reducing stress. On the other hand maximalist wedding scrutinizes each little details of the big event.

Let us plot the points between a minimalist and maximalist wedding.


Minimalism is about appreciating what you have and about getting the root of things. It is a sort of appreciating local and utilizing what you have.

Minimalism follows the principle “less is more”,  by using simple accessories and a neutral palette. Begin in finding the natural aesthetic brought by nature. For your color spectrum, fall in love with soft pastels or neutrals.  Abort usage of large centerpieces; instead try a line of candles down each table.


A minimalist’s choice is plain and comfortable but still stunning and head turner. Focus on the fit of the dress instead of accessories and style. The simplicity of a  minimalist dress showcase craftsmanship and figure. What’s good about  minimalist dresses are they don’t overpower the scene, instead they make other details relevant.


Minimalist doesn’t mean food shortage or value meal style; you just have to simplify the look of the food and tables, much better to have clean look with less extra details.  Choose the right size and color of plate. White plates are popular, aside from the neat looking factor they also create a high contrast and provide neutral background.



This word can be equated to excessive. It is a way of putting all desired ideas presented in a classy and artistic way.


You can use paintings, floral ornaments or do-it-yourself displays. Maximalist concept is featuring a detail using other details. It is a show off of different patterns and textures, but make sure colors are complementary.


Buffet is a suggestion; just throw colors, shapes and adornments until it satisfies your eyes.


Details are factor. Choose the clothes that best fit you and spice it up with a design your eyes prefer.

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