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How to Make a Unique Bridal Bouquet

Make more out of your bridal bouquet—more it extraordinary and maybe even last forever!

History says that brides started bringing bouquets of flowers to hide how they smelled during their wedding day. Nowadays, it’s a necessity for each bride to have a bouquet or something to hold while walking down the aisle, almost like her veil or the shoes on her feet—and it gives her hands something to do, rather than it just awkwardly hanging or swinging by the sides.

A lot of brides have gotten creative with their bouquets, and it’s up to you to choose or create that perfect bouquet for you. Here are a couple of ideas:

Use different materials. Some brides have made bouquets entirely out of felt cloth, others out of silk, and some out of paper. There’s always a material that’s fit for the bride’s personality and budget. And plus, your bouquet will last forever!

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Mix in an heirloom. If you’d like to add some sentimental value into your bouquet, add something from your parents into the mix. Maybe use one of your dad’s favorite neckties or old shirts to wrap the bottom of the bouquet, and mix in a brooch or pendant from your mom.

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Create something practical. There have been inventions of bouquets that have hidden mini-fans in them (totally perfect for those al fresco weddings or sweltering hot churches), and some are actually hidden flashlights or have flasks of liquor in them, too! Why not create a secret pocket inside your bouquet to fit in your phone and a powder compact for some easy touch ups? Genius!

Go for something edible. Sugar flowers, cupcakes, cake pops—anything that can be made into a bouquet can be brought down the aisle!

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Make something out of your favorite things. If you are your fiancée are book lovers, why not create a bouquet made out of the pages of your favorite book? (Use a spare copy, of course.) Or if you guys are into vinyl, you can also make those into flower shapes. The possibilities are endless.

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Turn your bouquet into a piece of jewelry. The price tag isn’t so cheap, but making a bouquet out of pieces of jewelry will make it be extra special, extra sparkly, and it will last forever. You can mix in some faux pieces to cut on costs, or mix different heirloom pieces together to make it into something like a treasure chest of jewelry that you can hold with your two hands!

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Bring something to just keep your hands busy. If you want to be completely unique, some brides have chosen to not bring bouquets at all! Some bring a rosary and a pocket bible, some bring fans, and others have even brought balloons!

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