Make Company Anniversaries More Special

If you’ve ever taken charge of putting up an event for your team, or even for your whole company, you know how much work goes into it. With all the details that you have to think of and do, how will you manage to throw an even bigger and better party in the coming years? Here are a few ideas on how you can make it more memorable:

1. Get a celebrity host or guest.

Nothing gets the crowd more riled up that a “surprise appearance” by a well-known celebrity. Whether they are a special guest or the host of the night, remember to give the crowd enough time to take a ton of selfies with your invited celeb. They’ll be talking about it for years!

2. Raffle off an amazing prize that will make jaws drop.

Raffles are always fun, especially when you win something useful, like a rice cooker or a microwave. But everyone will definitely scream like crazy if you raffle of the newest mobile phone, a laptop, or even a car. Everyone will be scrambling to get the chance to win, at any cost!

3. Go out of town.

Any place outside Metro Manila already feels like a vacation, so why not bring your company to celebrate in a beach resort, or maybe up in the mountains of Baguio City? A different location will also give the employees a chance to bond on an entirely different level.

4. Have overflowing food and drinks!

The fastest way to make anyone mad and spread the negative vibes around is to let them go hungry. Feed them with everything that they want, and they’ll walk out of the party thinking that it was the best party ever. Don’t forget the drinks (and the beer!).

5. Work with a fun theme.

The trick with choosing a good theme for the party is either having the employees vote on a few choices, or you choose one for them that’s easy enough to dress up for, but still a challenge for people to put in the effort. If you’re having trouble coming up with a theme, think of putting two themes together, like “Nautical Glam” or “Pop stars in the 90s going to the VMAs”.

6. Let loose.

Have a dance floor, a karaoke machine, freeflowing drinks and endless music, and you’ll be sure that you’ll see the usually shy and quiet employees starting to have fun. Parties shouldn’t be stuffy—they should be a night of fun that no one will ever forget.

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