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Light of Love: A Place like Home

In the midst of Quezon City is an events place with two hectares of serenely breathtaking Secret Garden Estate.

From an old mansion to events place, Light of Love is surrounded by trees, lagoon and waterfalls which beautify more the place. The concept of this venue makes everyone feel at home but still with a touch of elegance.

It has 7 affordable venues that you can choose from and these are Atrium, Love, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Cherish and The Garden. Every venue has spacious and unique designs that can accommodate whether it may be a wedding, debut, kid’s party, corporate event, prom or even a graduation ball.

The sky-looking Atrium will surely make your night extra special as it lets everyone see the moonlight and stars. This venue has stage and a low ceiling.

Just beside the Atrium and Cherish is the Love. This cozy venue can hold a 150 guests and it can be packaged together with Cherish to have a more special moments.

The biggest venue which is Trust can hold up to 450 guests. This venue is perfect for those who love to celebrate their events with a nature’s vibe. You have an option whether you want an Al fresco style or not.

The stylish Integrity will attract you with its Italian chandeliers and Spanish marbles as floorings. It has own balcony too. A really perfect for grand affairs!

Loyalty is an air-conditioned tent. It is situated in the garden with glass walls which lets you see the garden area and the trellis area.

The perfect venue for your Al Fresco event is the Cherish. It is an open area surrounded by trees with hanging lights to make your event sweeter and memorable.

Spread the love amidst trees and luscious plants in the Garden Venue. The peaceful atmosphere of this will surely enjoy by everyone as it will preserve the solemnity of your event.

Ever since Light of Love started, Hizon’s Catering is its partner. They teamed up with Hizon’s for many events and all of it became successful. It has 3 events per day and most of the time all those events are catered by Hizon’s Catering.

Here are the samples of the set-up by Hizon’s Catering:

This is the set-up in the Garden venue.

A pink and black motif in Atrium.

This is the sample set-up in the Cherish venue.

You’ll never regret to have the Light of Love Events Place as your venue and Hizon’s Catering as your caterer for your special events!

About Hizon's Catering

For more than 30 years , we have been blessed to be a part of thousands of weddings, debuts, kids parties, corporate events, and private celebrations. In all these events, we make sure we are not only your caterer but more importantly your partner in every step from conceptualizing, budgeting and planning up to final execution.

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