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You’ve probably been to kiddie parties that are fancier than some weddings; complete with a full-blown event styling and prizes that are more expensive than any toy you’ve given to your own child for Christmas.

But what do kids really want for their kiddie party? If you would ask them, these would likely be their requests:

A party filled with their friends.

School-age kids most likely have a steady group of friends, and your child probably has the most fun with them (sorry, mommy and daddy!). When they see familiar faces in their own party, it ups the fun levels a few notches, making them feel like their party is already an awesome one!

Their favorite food.

Now’s not the time to show off (or pretend) that your child has a wide palette and that he or she eats international cuisine, when in truth, they love sweets, fried chicken, and french fries. You know what their favorites are the most, and if there was any day to spoil them with their favorite food, it’s on their birthday—so go ahead and let them eat and be merry.

A themed party based on their fave character.


Most kids are influenced by what they see, watch, or what their friends like, so it’s no wonder that there were a ton of Frozen parties during the height of the movie’s popularity, or if they all want to have a Paw Patrol party. Sure it’s not as unique as you would have wanted, but remember—it’s their birthday, not yours, so the party must be something that will make their eyes light up. Whether or not it’s “impressive” enough for your guests shouldn’t be your concern—your child’s happiness is definitely more important.

Done at the time they have the most energy.

Most birthday parties are done in the afternoon, so that it gives guests more time to enjoy a leisure morning to themselves. Most kids like playing in the afternoon as well. Although, if your child still naps during the afternoon, schedule his or her birthday party after they’ve been able to rest. Don’t think that you can magically put them down for their nap earlier or not at all just for the day of the party—you don’t want to have a grouchy birthday celebrant on your hands!

The guests that they want

The number of guests in a kiddie party can sometimes rival a wedding’s, because each family brings in other members, like other kids and household help. You know your child best if they’ll be able to enjoy being in a big crowd of if they would prefer a small get together. Whatever the case, they would love it more if he or she is surrounded by familiar faces.

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