Kiddie Party Activities for the Outdoors

Having fun in the sun sometimes makes parents nervous. After all, there’s a lot to battle out when you’re in the great outdoors—mosquitoes, sweat, the heat of the sun, and many more. But kids are naturally carefree and don’t really mind getting all sweaty or hot, for as long as they have loads of fun.

If you inform your guests that it will be a party done outdoors, the kids will come armed with their essentials, for sure (like an extra layer of sunblock lotion plus mosquito repellant!), so that their kids can play to their hearts’ content. Are they ready for these activities?

Painting with nature’s wonders

For guests who want to get their creativity going, painting or coloring is a good way to start the party. Ask each guest to choose a leaf, flower, or branch nearby (provided that it’s allowed in your venue to do so) to use as his or her paintbrush. Provide paint in shallow basins, cups of water, and pieces of paper for each guest to use, and ask them to create their own artwork. The best artwork will be chosen by the birthday celebrant, and will win a special prize!

Water balloon challenge

There’s something about water balloons, water guns, or anything related to getting their friends drenched that gets kids howling with laughter. This would be a game suited for older kids, like 7 and above, because pairing smaller kids with the big kids might result in more fights or cry fests than fun.

Treasure hunt 

Kids of all ages enjoy going on a treasure hunt, and it depends on you on how simple or complicated you want it to be. You can simply hide objects around the venue and ask them to search for them, or you can create a treasure map, pointing to a couple of small prizes, as well as the biggest prize that the child can win.

Giant ring toss

Have you seen those big pool floaters that look like big noodles? Prop up a couple of those, and then use a hula-hoop or a round floater as the “ring” in the ring toss. The team that gets the most rings stacked up after a certain time wins!

Tic tac toe on the floor

We’re used to playing this game using pen and paper, but why not create your own? Create a tic tac toe board on the grass, sand, or your party grounds using branches, and gather up some rocks, flowers, or leaves to serve as your Xs and Os. Scatter them around the party grounds for your guests to play with and enjoy.

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