Keep Yourself and Your Wedding Guests Protected From Unnecessary Health Risks

COVID-19 has become the top stressor of every couple who eyed to declare their love this past year until the present. The first few months have been really tough for couples, wherein the first option has always been to move their chosen date up until everything went back to normal or to the extent some even consider canceling their event.

A few months later, restrictions are changed, wherein essential gatherings are now allowed with a limited number of guests and as long as strict safety protocols are being observed all the time. These changes bring couples the courage and a good mindset to once again start planning their wedding.

We all of these things bringing inevitable changes, safety has always been the number one priority of each and every one.

Allow us to help you and your guests gain the confidence of celebrating and declaring love in the new normal time.


Wedding guests and staff wear masks.

Now that wearing masks has been part of our everyday life, we should then see the value of this piece of cloth. Aside from observing proper sanitation wearing masks should be strictly observed to lessen the risks. This is not just for couples and their guests but also for the wedding vendors present at your wedding venue itself. We should remember that safety should be each and everyone’s concern and responsibility


Masks are provided by the couple.  

Instead of the usual souvenirs items or giveaways, masks are a good idea to be given instead. Aside from ensuring that everyone will have masks to wear,  you can also consider your wedding’s color and motif in purchasing a bulk number of masks. You already lessen the risks in your gathering you also provided aesthetics, especially when captured on cam.


Hand sanitizer is readily available. 

Good hand sanitation should be a practice of every attendee from time to time. Set up your hand sanitizing station at various points that everyone will be reminded to do so especially on entry and exit points. Also on the buffet area for example, before the guests can get their plates and utensils, hand sanitizers should welcome them first before accessing the food.


Seating is properly distanced. 

Proper distanced should also be observed even on special occasions like weddings which technically the main goal is to unite the whole family. In this time of the pandemic, we should set aside that first to lessen the risks and make events possible.

If before the usual guest table can accommodate 10 people, that number should be cut into half this time to lessen the risks and make sure that proper distance is observed. Also when lining up for the buffer, photo booth, mobile bar, and other event features, signages or marks should be present to keep the guests reminded that distance should be practiced.


Dance floor capacity is limited—or restricted. 

We can’t omit the fun part in every wedding celebration, however in this time of the pandemic, if it couldn’t be missed, it is safe to say that limited guests could still access the dance floor while maintaining a proper distance. We that in mind, couples can request on their wedding reception to provide signages to keep their guests reminded.

Close greetings between guests discouraged. 

Knowing that most of the guests on every special occasion like wedding, do know each other and are even used to greeting each other through hugs and kisses, this tradition is highly discouraged for the time being to lessen the risk of spreading the virus.  Instead, greetings, waving of hands or even words of affirmation is highly encouraged.

Vaccination information is requested or required.

Vaccination is necessary for one’s protection. To lessen the risk and add to everyone’s safety and confidence you could ask your valued guests to provide their vaccination cards, and for those who are not yet vaccinated they could opt to make their presence available online.

Now that wedding events are already part of the new normal pace, it is highly encouraged that we make safety protocols the backbone of our plan. This will make every guest gain their confidence in attending your event plus the fact that success on your event will surely be attainable.

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