Ideas to Entertain Kids and Adults at a Kiddie Party

Parents who attend parties of their kids’ friends have grown used to doing three things while they are there: Eat, talk, and take care of their kids. While there’s nothing wrong with that, why not take your party up a notch and throw one that both kids and adults will enjoy?

Create a “parents only” area.

Just like the kids’ and adults’ tables, provide food and drinks fit for adults.Sometimes all parents need to have fun is a safe place to relax in! Make sure to provide freeflowing coffee, tea, and perhaps include a few beers, wine, or hard drinks, if you’re confident that your fellow parents will be able to hold their liquor.

Make your kiddie crafts table as “adult-free” as possible.

Sometimes, the crafts tables get too crowded, not because of the number of kids, but because of the parents and adults who are helping the kids out.In order to make a craft table purely for the kids, make sure that the craft is up to the children’s abilities to do, or make different tables to cater for different ages. For the younger kids, pull a couple of chairs over and put them in a comfortable distance from the craft table, so that their parents or nannies can sit there, relax, and watch.

Throw a mini sparty!

It’s every mom’s dream to have a bit of time for herself. Mommies in attendance will love you forever if you hire professionals to give them quick mani-pedis, massages, or blowouts while they’re there. (Daddies can indulge in the sparty, too!)

Provide instant and easy entertainment.

What’s that Wii or big screen TV for if not to be used? If you’re having a party at home, it’s easy enough to switch on the TV and give your guests control over your Netflix, or play a couple of games on your Wii. Give them access to your board games, book collection, and your portable videoke machine, and there will surely be something for your guests to feel entertained.

Fix your seating arrangement.

When left on their own, families would hog an entire table, not leaving room for others and no chance to mingle with other families. Figure out how to provide comfortable seating for everyone, especially if you’ll be having separate tables for adults, kids, and activities. Consider how to provide a waiting area for parents or nannies near the kids’ activities, and if the parents will feel comfortable with the distance you’ll be placing between their table and their child’s table.

Think about your guests’ safety.

Be very, very strict with your guest list, to make sure that no strangers or suspicious persons will be able to come in. If babies will be in attendance, review your home or your venue if it’s properly babyproofed. And there have been one too many incidents of food poisoning during children’s parties, so make sure that you get food from a reputable caterer like Hizon’s!

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