How to Throw an Awesome School Birthday Celebration

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Kids love a good school birthday celebration – it’s like a mini-fiesta right in the classroom! No need to stress about a venue because the school’s the perfect spot! It’s a break from the routine, and friends make it extra special.

Wondering how to make it unforgettable for your little one? Keep reading for the scoop!

How to throw an Awesome School Birthday Celebration

1. Ask for permission from the principal and teachers 

Before anything else, you should ask the permission of your child’s school. Ask the principal, the adviser, and the subject teacher whose time may be bumped. They are the first people concerned if you want to celebrate your child’s birthday within school premises.

You’ll want to know how much time you have for the party and the clean up after. Clarify with them if they have restrictions about decor and the amount of props you could bring on the day. Notify adjacent classrooms as well and make sure that it will continue being a place for learning.

Here’s a tip: time it during recess

It’s better to time the celebration during recess so the kids can enjoy their meals. If the subject teacher after recess permits, you can use their time as well.

2. Look for people who could assist you

The party might only last for 30 minutes but don’t rely on the teachers for everything. Remember, they’re already busy with corralling excited kids.

Instead, look for people who could help you with the party stuff. If they have older siblings free that day, ask them. You could also ask the parents of your kid’s classmates for some help.

They should also help with the after-party clean-up. Keep the classroom organized throughout the party to lessen the teacher’s headache. 

3. Have some fun with invitations

No celebration is complete without invitations. Create invitations featuring your child’s favorite characters to serve as charming souvenirs. Distribute these invitations to classmates, making the event feel special and anticipated.

Child and parent making invitations

4. Choose easy food and drinks

Kids tend to be messy eaters. It would be easier if you give them healthy pre-packed meals that are easy to eat and easy to clean up. Consider ordering from catering services that already package their food.

For drinks, give them juice boxes or tetra-packed drinks. Again, it’s easier for the kids to enjoy instead of a fruit punch or bringing a gallon and separate cups.

5. Games

Choose games that can be easily done in a small classroom. Games like Pinoy Henyo or Trip to Jerusalem are some games that they can play inside and minimal props are required.

Again, the venue is still the school. Keep the games simple yet fun for the kids.

6. Loot bags or goodie bags

Instead of sweets and unhealthy snacks, fill their goodie bags with things they could use for school or at home. This not only promotes healthier choices but also provides practical and lasting mementos for the attendees.

Child with loot bags in front happy.

7. Relax and celebrate the day with your precious one

The party will follow the planner’s moods. It’s your child’s special day and the focus should be on them. If the guests can see you in a happy mood, they will be reassured as well.

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