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How to pick the right shoes for your wedding?

Stumped about how to choose a winning pair that matches your personality? Soon-to-be brides and grooms, read this guide before making any shoe decisions!

1. Choose a pair that complements your personality.

Elegant, quirky, loud… Your shoes should express who you are and go with your chosen wedding attire. It doesn’t have to be strictly white for the ladies or black for the gents. It’s all a matter of choosing a pair that’s distinctly you. The pair you choose should make you feel comfortable yet confident at the same time.

2. Select a pair that matches your theme.

Consider your wedding motif and location when you try on a pair of possible wedding shoes. Remember, skyscraper heels might sink in the sand or a cobblestone aisle!

3. The attire always goes first.

Buy your dress/tux or at least settle on your design before going shoe shopping. It always helps to visualize how the shoes will go with your entire look, not the other way around. Also, bring your shoes during fittings so your dressmaker can check the length of the skirt or pants against your shoes.

4. Break in your shoes before the big day.

Walk around the house every day for at least a month before your wedding. It’s highly advisable to try the pair over different (but clean!) surfaces to discover how slippery it could get. You might even want to consider applying sole stoppers to prevent slipping on slick surfaces.

5. Consider a pair you can wear again.

Your wedding shoes don’t need to be locked up in your closet after your big day. Invest in a pair that you can use for other special events.

6. Sport unique shoes.

Your shoes don’t have to follow tradition. Discuss going against the grain by wearing white sneakers or a custom-made design in matching hues.

For the Bride:
1. Pick a pair with a reasonable height.

Don’t force yourself to wear five-inch heels just because everyone else is wearing them. If the most you can pull off is two inches, stick to what you’re used to. Your feet will thank you by the end of the festivities.

2.Try pops of color.

If you want to make a statement, pick a pair in your favorite shade. Whether it’s royal blue, fuchsia pink, or cherry red, this fun shoe accent will surprise your guests!

3. Bring a backup.

If you really want to wear a specific pair which you know will end up hurting your feet, purchase a backup pair of flats or flip-flops that you can place in the wedding car. Best to choose a pair that you can comfortably walk and dance in for the reception party!

For the Groom:
1. Don’t wear your everyday work shoes.

These will look tired and worn out, especially in photos. Your bride’s shoes will be hidden under her skirt, but yours will be exposed the entire time.

2. Opt for lace-up leather shoes.

Go for an Oxford style in a shade that matches your belt. Derby is also a good option for a less formal affair.

3. Pick the right color and shine.

Black is universally accepted, but you can also wear brown shoes for navy-colored suits. If you’re sporting a tux, select black patent leather shoes.

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