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How to Have a Luxe Wedding for Less

Most couples dream of having the best wedding possible, with every detail done perfectly. But oftentimes, expectation doesn’t meet reality, and the most beautiful of pegs mean that you need to spend a little more than what your budget will permit.

So how will you create a classy and elegant wedding without going over your budget? Aim for a wedding that looks and feels effortless and timeless. Here’s how:

Instead of… Packing on the bling and lace on your wedding dress

Go for… a classic cut and look that will withstand the test of time

All brides aim to look their utmost beautiful on their wedding day, but you should wear the dress, and not let the dress wear you. Meaning, if your dress is too overwhelming—it’s too dramatic, too glittery, or makes you look uncomfortable—it’s not going to be worth the hefty price tag. Don’t let your dress get more compliments than your beauty. Go classic and let your inner beauty shine through.

Instead of… Obsessing over gorgeous giveaways

Go for… great and memorable food

Wedding tokens are nice to have, but not necessary for a wedding. It’s more of an added way to show your appreciation to your guests for going out of their way to be with you on your special day, but it’s not supposed to take a big chunk of your budget. At best, your guests will use or remember your token for a year, tops.

What’s more important is getting the best caterer that your budget can afford, because your guests, above all outstanding other wedding details, will always remember the food. They’ll remember if the food was okay or, plus if it was overflowing or lacking in servings (a no-no if you want a luxe wedding!). Making sure that your guests are well fed, comfortable, and feel welcome are the best ways to show your appreciation.

Instead of… Getting the classiest venues

Go for… the right venues

Some couples already have venues in mind when they get engaged, but there’s something sad when you see photos of venues half-filled with guests, or a lot of empty tables during receptions. Sometimes it’s even sadder when half of the guests are part of the entourage! When mounting an event, it’s better to have a jam-packed venue than a half-filled one, so remember to match the venue with the number of guests who have sent their RSVPs.

Instead of… a long, awkward program

Go for… less program, more party!

No guest has ever gone to a wedding and thought, “I can’t wait to play the games!”. Most adults dread audience participation, and coercing your friends to join the games isn’t their idea of a good time. Rethink if you really want a long program, and maybe switch it up to more dancing, more drinking, and more of everyone having a good time—including you and your partner for life!

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