How to Control Crowd during Big Events

Planning a corporate event with a large number of attendees require a lot of time and effort. Starting from choosing the venue up to deciding whether what decorations best fit the occasion. A large number of attendees give you a major responsibility as the organizer to ensure that everything is under control starting from the set up down to the safety measures.

Here are the best practices to keep your crowd under control during events.

Be aware of your audiences’ characteristics

Knowing your audience’s characteristics give organizers ideas on how they can establish a bond between them and the people. They will have a glimpse of how they should select things and how these things will matter. For example, food choice, is the food amenable for everyone? Is food convenient to eat?  Will this food be messy to eat? A suggestion to consider during big events is to look for an affordable catering service for convenience and hassle-free preparation. Considerations like this create a large impact on how successful the event will be.

crowd control

Control access to liquor

Every attendee may eye certain liquor or would not want to leave the venue without drinking because it’s a usual part of an event one would not want to miss. But, take note liquor should be disseminated after the main agenda of the event has been done and all concerns have been raised this is to prevent guest being tipsy or probably being hyper while the main event is ongoing.

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Organize your staff and give everyone a clear role

A significant role to play will lead to organize and successful event. Imagine having someone to attend the needs of the guests and providing them with excellent service, expect good feedback or positive hearsays after.

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Get the venue management involved

Look for event venues in Manila and ask the management about their rules and regulation then relay it to the guests so they will be guided accordingly. A good example is asking the management if they have designated smoking area on their premises to avoid misapprehension.

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Make sure you’ve got trained security

Security personnel plays a serious role in an event, they were the ones attending to the immediate concerns of the guest such as directions, crowd control and providing safety standard for everyone present in the event.

crowd control

Once the event is over every organizer’s dream is to hear nothing but good feedback knowing that you exert so much effort in preparing and detailing. Don’t forget to acknowledge all the persons behind the event at least to show gratitude after all it is the team that works.


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