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How to add value to micro weddings?

If you are eyeing to declare and celebrate your love in a micro wedding, trends in the new normal will definitely feed your creative minds.

Now that we are entering the new normal, the grand celebrations become optional while welcoming and embracing the idea of micro weddings.

A micro wedding is defined to be a smaller version of a regular wedding. While each couple’s micro wedding will look different, it typically means that everything is done on a tinier level.

Let us now define ways how you can add value to micro weddings through your plans.

1. Decide on your budget. 

A low-cost wedding doesn’t necessarily mean plain and cheap. It is, in fact, now the trend that most couples are opting to save money, time, and effort.

Budget is one of the most important components in planning a celebration whether big or small, this will dictate how much value you can add to your celebration and will give you bright ideas to make things work while considering your spending limit.

Add value to your micro wedding by knowing your priorities from the top to the least. This will give you the estimated amount of how much budget you should set for your event.

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2. Build your guest list and stick to it

Now that safety and social distancing are part of the new norms, let us keep in mind the less will surely become more if make use of our resources wisely. Now that virtual presence is as important as a physical presence, sticking to a guest list is much easier.

In making a guest list,  immediate family, major sponsors, and closest circle are priorities since in a micro wedding we assure to create a safer circle of invites. In line with this, we can make use of virtual platforms to add more value to your micro wedding, wherein we can also create a bigger circle.

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3. Choose an excellent package.

There are a lot of great deals being offered by different vendors this time. These packages are great advantage to take for soon-to-wed couples who wanted to achieve a micro wedding.

It is ideal to find an all-in package that mostly include catering service, venue, set-up, and other amenities such as bridal car, photo booth  etc.

4. Serve remarkable dishes.

Aside from the couple, the buffet is always a highlight of any event. By preparing outstanding dishes you will surely see big smiles on your guests faces.

On a micro wedding since there is  lesser number of guests compared to the usual grand and big weddings, guests will expect great food and accommodating service.  Choose a great selection of dishes, find a trusted catering service that offers a complete menu and catering service package.

5. Research and pick a venue

The abundance of reception venues  available is a great advantage for couples choosing a micro wedding.  As we are in the transition from  grand weddings to intimate weddings being an ideal option. It’s a great idea to finalize first the guests list before eyeing a venue so that you’ll know what kind of venue, or how big is the space needed to cater to your valued guests.

6. Choose a simple yet elegant theme

Creative elements are important in every wedding whether grand or intimate.  Every details are easily noticed on a smaller crowd.

Choose a timeless yet elegant design, consider colors that are neutral and will match the chosen theme of yours. Also small elegant centerpieces can add beauty and aesthetic in order to achieve a picture perfect wedding.

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