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Helpful Apps for Your Wedding Day

Download these programs to make your wedding easy-breezy!

 Technology is an amazing thing. More often than not, these scientific advancements are created to make our lives easier. Though the purpose of cellular phones is primarily for connecting people via calls and texts, you can do so much more with your gadgets on your wedding day. Just download these apps below and follow our lead!

Facebook Livestream

For couples with unlimited data, you can opt to show people a live recording of your wedding day from start to finish via Facebook’s Livestream! Just hit the video/LIVE icon, describe your broadcast, and allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone. Whether recorded in portrait or landscape mode, the square-cut video feed instantly appears in your timeline and can be shared with the public or with selected people only. If you want relatives living abroad or people who can’t make it to your wedding still be able to witness it, this is your second best option. Just inform them in advance so that they can watch the recording live.


If you’re a private couple who wants to compile all the photos and videos taken by guests on your wedding day, download this free app which will let you do exactly that. A unique wedding ID allows you to gather captured high-resolution files (from the bridal shower down to your honeymoon!), add customized filters, and upload them into your digital album. Attendees can directly upload their photos on the website, allowing you to instantly see and even produce a slideshow for the wedding reception. Plus, the app doubles as a wedding website which lets you share important details like wedding updates and bridal registry.


If you can’t afford to hire a DJ at your reception party, you can create your own mixes or find curated playlists on Spotify! Search for any song, artist, or album and collaborate with your partner to come up with the best tunes to play during your celebration. Sign up for a premium account so that you can download and play the melodies even if you’re offline and so that you won’t hear ads playing in between the tunes.

Top Table Planner

This last suggestion isn’t an app, but a website that is just as helpful in arranging your wedding reception seating plan! Once you get the list of reception attendees, paste their names into different tables. Whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer, you can do as many revisions on the site as possible—even until the night before the wedding! When you’re done, print out a copy of the floor plan diagram and the list of table numbers/guest names per table then hand it to your wedding planner.

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