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Guide to 6 Affordable Event Places in Quezon City

At first glance, the advantage associated with indoor event venues are the power to provide safe and controlled space. The comfort level in an indoor venue is higher since it is enclosed and fully air-conditioned. These indoor venues usually follow a minimal design principle so that clients can add details of their choice upon coordination with their stylist.

Quezon City being part of the Metro is a gateway for more possibilities. A city made for sprouting events is also a great directory for venues because of its highly urbanized and fast pacing lifestyle.  Check out some of the popular and  affordable events place in Quezon City.

55 Events Place

55 Events place is an affordable events place in Quezon City located in the hip neighborhood of the Tomas Morato area. The Ballroom is a fully air-conditioned function hall which can accommodate up to 250 guests perfect for weddings, debuts, birthdays and corporate events. The minimalist approach of the venue features a Zen-inspired design that fits all occasion giving clients the free will to style the venue in accordance to their preference. The venue also features a cozy lounge, fully air-conditioned restrooms, a private conference room, a full service kitchen, a VIP area and courtesy room with toilet and bath for brides and debutantes.
This earth-toned, modern structure brings celebrations to the next level, promising its clients an extraordinary celebration of their once in a lifetime moments.

affordable events place in Quezon City


55 main hall can accommodate all type of events such as wedding, private party, debut and    kiddie parties.


55 events place has two more halls which is perfect for intimate gatherings namely Nathaniel and  Noelle that can cater as much as 40 guests.


A versatile roof deck is also an events place in 55 Events Place. This can accommodate up to 70 guests. The relaxing and cozy ambiance is promised upon utilizing the venue.

Crossroads 77

Crossroads 77 is offering a refreshing  venue for business and social functions. The Convenarium, is a theater-style hall with an elevated stage. It can accommodate up to 1,100 guests. Acoustically engineered, with complete sound system and ample lighting, this venue is a great spot for large gatherings such as a grand wedding celebration perfect for the guests’ comfort and freedom to move around. The place features elegance and take your event to the next level through its versatile function hall. The wide space of this venues fits perfectly for big events because of its parallel elegance and fine style.

affordable events place in Quezon City

Matrix Creation Events

Elevate your experience with difference in Matrix Creations Events venue, treat your guests with a virtual reality with no hassles attached. Matrix Creation Events is a home of art and creativity that aims to provide a remarkable experience through the power of technology. Boasting its modern touch with its virtual reality inspired design that will definitely wow every guest you will have. With its 20 projectors that cover its entire wall which can modify the display of the walls, every setting you like surely they have it. The utilization of LED walls lead to more thematic feels in the venue.

A large space that can hold more than 400 guests, and a convenient go-to venue for guests residing in Metro Manila. Matrix Creation Events Venue will be a perfect location for your big event.

affordable events place in Quezon City

Le Rêve

Le Rêve is another affordable wedding venue designed to accommodate up to 200 guests. It is ideal for social events such as wedding, debut, private party and other events.  Le Reve will really fit the event of your dream. The Main Hall’s interior’s simplicity is designed to be versatile for clients to decide out of their creativity on how they wanted the venue to look like on their special day.  Le Rêve Events and Pool Party Venue offers several choices: the air-conditioned Main Hall that can seat 180 people; the al fresco Poolside venue with a swimming pool for 100 people, and the Courtyard that can be transformed into a garden party that can seat 120 people. Le Rêve Events and Pool Party Venue also has an additional attraction—a Love Lock Gazebo for couples to guarantee each other a love that will last a life time.

affordable wedding venue

 Verandas de San Vicente

Parallel to Sanctuario de San Vicente Church, Verandas de San Vicente is a reception venue  in Quezon City designed to offer an intimate and calm ambiance an alternate world of the Metro’s busy life. This venue features a wide veranda where you can reward yourself with calm surrounding and breath of fresh air. This veranda is also a perfect thematic background for pictures for it gives power to the subject brought about by its plain details. The place give clients the free will to design the venue through its minimalist decorations.  Can accommodate up to 300 guests the place perfectly fits clients who is in search of an accessible venue next to the church.

reception venue  in Quezon City

Seameo Innotech

SEAMEO is an international organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in Southeast Asia. SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (INNOTECH) is one of three SEAMEO regional centers hosted by the Government of the Philippines (GOP). Their headquarters located in Commonwealth Quezon City provides spaces for a wedding celebration, reception, and ceremonies.

This is one of the affordable wedding venue in Manila provide space that can accommodate up to 250 guests. The apparent beauty of the simple yet elegant reception area give clients a feeling of comfort. A garden space for ceremonies that exudes serenity and silence is a highlight of this venue.

affordable wedding venue in Manila

Choosing a venue whether indoor or outdoor both have pros and cons to consider. Choosing indoor saves you from all the distress brought about by the country’s dynamically changing weather, though it raises the challenge of creativity.  Take your event to the next level through this elegant and affordable venues in Quezon City.


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