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Should I Get a Party Planner?

Answer these five crucial questions to help you figure out if you need to hire one for your child’s celebration.

Do I have time to devote for this event?

Parents have a lot on their minds. Aside from the everyday tasks of taking care of the kids, managing finances, running the household, and going to work five days a week, you would have to add “planning a party” to the list of things you need to accomplish IF you decide to take on this project. Stay-at-home parents or people with flexible schedules might have the luxury of doing this, but not someone who only has weekends off. In this case, hiring a party planner would definitely benefit you. Plus, he or she would be on top of everything—from the early planning stages to the day of the event!

Do I have the party know-how and experience?

Planning a party with 50 to 100 guests is completely different from hosting a dinner for 10. Unless you throw huge, lavish bashes on a regular basis, you would not have any idea who to call or what to do first. Even extensively reading through party or event blogs won’t give you the entire scope of what needs to be done. On the other hand, planners would have a wealth of experiences up their sleeve, sharing with you all the tricks they’ve learned over the years. Their varied experiences will definitely come in handy when emergencies strike.

Do I know of enough party suppliers?

If you’re throwing an intimate and low-key bash with just the bare essentials, you might not need to hire a party planner. But if you want the whole shebang complete with decors, booths, games, and catered food, a party planner might be able to find the best vendors and negotiate the best prices for you. Aside from working within your budget to find the right people, they know which parts of the party process to give more importance to.

Does party planning stress me out?

Let’s face it, not everyone is built for party planning. Some people revel in managing every detail of the event and ticking items off their must-do list, while others get a headache just imagining all the tasks that need to be noted down and accomplished. A party planner can do everything you assign him to do, from the big picture to the little details. Plus, hiring one would give you the chance to focus on entertaining your guests at the party—not running around and checking up on everything.

Do I have enough money to hire a planner?

There’s a huge misconception that you spend more when you employ the services of a party planner. But in reality, party planners can adjust their fees to match your specific needs. Having them on board can help you stick to your budget and score discounts from vendors they’ve already worked with in the past. Plus, they can show you which aspects of the party you should be spending for and which ones you could minimize costs. For example, a great selection of dishes on the buffet table is more memorable than a personalized party invite.

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