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Gender Neutral Party Ideas

If you don’t feel like showering your child’s party with everything pink, blue, or their favorite characters, give these party ideas a spin that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Have a “block” party.

All kids love building blocks, so why not throw a LEGO-themed party? Create LEGO play tables where kids can make their own creations, and design a cake that’s fit for the LEGO fanatic in your family. (No need to make pink blocks for the girls—they’ll still want to play with the blocks, don’t worry.)

Have a swimming or water party.

Swimming parties require constant adult supervision and a lot of security, so if you won’t be able to provide those, have a water party instead. Think water balloons, mini inflatable wading pools, and water guns for the kids and adults to enjoy.

Have a “Tree Huggers” party.

Caring for the environment should be everyone’s advocacy, especially since we all live and take part of the fruits of nature. Give seedlings as gifts to your guests, or teach them how to plant themselves. You can even serve some healthy, sustainable food during the party!

Have a “magical” party.

If your child is still too young to know Harry Potter or other magical fictional characters, you can still have a magical party by inviting some magicians, giving out magic wands as souvenirs, or making it a costume party where they come as wizards and witches.

Have a color-it-yourself party.

Think of it as an arts and crafts party, wherein you give the guests their own blocks, pieces of paper, or anything them can paint, scribble, or stick on, and anything they make they’ll be able to bring home. Just make sure to provide as many colors of paint, stickers, paper, and decals as you possibly can, so that they can decide on how to decorate what they want, how they want it.

Have a playground party.

There is no child out there who doesn’t like slides, bouncy castles, a trampoline, or a ball pool. If you have these in your party, all kids will surely be happy, thrilled, and super tired by the end of the party!

Have a treasure hunt party.

Children love looking for things and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings—why do you think Easter egg hunts are so popular? Hide random toys and goodies around your house or around the party venue, and watch them all go wild.

Have a Pinoy games party.

Patintero, tumbang preso, and langit lupa is loved by both boys and girls, and the best part is, you hardly need any props to play!

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