Fun food carts to have at your child’s party

Food carts started sprouting up a couple of years ago as a fun, more casual alternative to buffets or sit down meals. It gives your guests the opportunity to feel like they’re in a fun fair, making the event feel more fun and casual.

Whether you’re having a fun outdoor party or a more formal one in a hotel room, one thing’s for sure: food carts will always be a welcome treat for your guests. Here’s a rundown of the food carts that you can consider getting for your event:

1. Cotton candy

– Who can resist the sweet, soft bite of cotton candy? It now comes in different flavors, and can come in different shapes, too–from the usual swirly cloud-like cotton candy, to animals like cats or bears! The flavors vary from sweet strawberry to sometimes even chocolate, and the kids get a (sugary) kick out of watching the machine attendant swirl the sugar around to create a beautifully airy and perfect stick of cotton candy.

2. Street Food

– Adults will delight in and feel nostalgic over getting street food–from fishballs to kikiam–right in the comfort of your party. If you’re looking into feeding the kids as well, you’re better off serving the more popular street food fare, like squid balls, fish balls, and kikiam, rather than going for the more “exotic” types, like betamax. It would be cleaner, too!

3. Juices

– Imagine different flavors of juices inside cute glass containers, served in ice-cold mason jars, and pretending to be in a picnic. How delightful! Think of all the rainbow colors that will be fun for your guests to see–and to Instagram!

4. Flavored fries

– French fries will always be a crowd favorite, especially when they come in different flavors. It’s easy enough to set up a deep fryer and to serve crispy hot fries, right on the spot! And the best part is there’s always more than enough to go around when you’re serving up french fries.

5. Popcorn

– Just like french fries, popcorn is made for sharing and can come in different flavors too due to its versatility. You can also come up with freshly popped popcorn; right on the spot, making sure that it’s crunchy rather than chewy.

6. Cupcakes

– This is a popular dessert to DIY for kids because of its endless design possibilities from sugary treats to putting in cupcake toppers. This is made best for kids that are a bit older, but  younger toddlers can join in on the fun for as long as there’s adult supervision.

7. Hotdog stand

– Much like street food, hotdogs are also popular because of the many toppings you can offer, and who doesn’t love hotdogs on a stick? You can also offer serving it up on a bun!

8. Ice cream

– Call your neighborhood mamang sorbetero and get him to cater your party!

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