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Find a Wedding Cake For Your Budget

There’s a wedding cake that will suit every budget, every style, and easily customizable for each couple. But it can also get expensive. Here’s how to bring down the cost without sacrificing the taste and look:

1. Ask on how to make it more affordable. Yes, you can make tawad when it comes to your wedding suppliers, including your wedding cake designer. Cake designers are used to working on a budget! Some cake designers would volunteer the information, but don’t be shy to ask about how else you can bring the price down. Maybe some elements don’t need to be edible, or you can choose a more common flavor, or you can get suggestions on which cake toppers or decorations you can buy yourself.

2. Think about the tiers. Wedding cakes are traditionally made up of three tiers or more, because it has a more dramatic effect and can feed more people. Remember that the more tiers you add, the more expensive it will be. But there are other fun trends that you can do, like using a layered cake stand to display the favorite single-tiered cakes of the couple, which are usually cheaper.

3. Look for flat motifs, less 3D. Flat designs, such as piping and icing, are less labor-intensive as say, a hundred dainty sugar flowers, or dolls of you and your groom made out of chocolate. Cake designers price their cakes according to difficulty and time spent on it, not as much on the ingredients, so the less work that they’ll put into the cake, the more affordable it will be.

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4. Ask for the cake to be sliced thinly. Each guest would just need a sliver to taste and to celebrate the occasion, not necessarily to eat the equivalent of a mini-cake. Ask your servers to create thin slices to serve more guests, and give the option to give out more for those who want seconds.

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5. Go for naked cakes! Going with the rustic theme, naked cakes—meaning cakes that have no frosting—are becoming popular because it’s different, unexpected, and cute to look at. If it’s still too plain for you, spruce it up with a few tastefully placed decorations.

6. Think square, not round or odd shaped cakes. We’ve gotten used to wedding cakes being traditionally round, but square-shaped cakes are easier to slice, and still delicious. Remember that the more “out of the box” the shape of your cake (like lopsided tiers or shaped into hearts), the more work needs to be done, meaning it will be more expensive. 

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7.  Choose common flavors. The more specialized or different the flavor of your cake, the more expensive it will be. There’s nothing wrong in choosing vanilla, chocolate, or caramel for a cake, especially since these will always be crowd pleasers.

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