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The Evolution of Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to the wedding reception, the center of attention will be on the tables so make sure that they look great. Fill them with interesting flatware courtesy of your wedding catering provider, extraordinary fabrics, and attractive centerpieces. Making a style statement with your centerpieces is not without difficulties. You need to hire the best florist to do the works for you. However, this doesn’t mean that you will ignore your part of the task.

Before, brides are content with floral arrangements as centerpieces. We cannot say the same today. To make your life easier, we will list wedding centerpiece ideas below and how these ideas come to life in the modern days.

The ‘it’ flower

There is often one bloom type or floral arrangement that is considered the hottest. In the Philippines, the hottest flowers are calla lily, gerbera daisy, and hydrangea. They come in different hues and they are available throughout the year. They can give any centerpiece the ultra-bridal appeal.

The ombre

Two or three-hued weddings are huge these days. Not just the ombre effect, but the combination of differently hued flowers at the center adds to the wow factor of any wedding. Particularly true if the heights of the centerpieces vary, drawing your eyes to the centerpieces and creating a flow to the venue.

The bold color

Brightly colored centerpieces are also in specifically the bright-on-bright. Fuchsia, magenta, royal purple, peacock blue, and persimmon. This centerpiece idea is daring yet creates rich and luxurious look.

The natural shape

The fresh-from-the-farm concept is also applicable for centerpieces. The modern brides are not so much into compact arrangements as they favor a less-polished look. Asymmetrical and loose mix of blooms in subdued hues creates a chic yet laid-back charm.

The standout vase

Other than the flowers, the vases are also getting VIP treatment these days. It is how you dress rather simple vases into stunning displays with gorgeous fabrics that are of the same color as your motif. This is usually a DIY project of the bride and bridesmaids. Another trend that is equally stunning is using vases with sexy shapes. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be a vase, but etched bottles that you can dress up as well.

The hot lamp

Candles are great, but for a change, lamps are now the ultimate centerpiece that also doubles as a source of lighting. Some lamps are hanged above the tables to provide a more romantic feel to the venue. However, another lamp treatment is to integrate it with fresh blooms. If not lamps, pinspot lights are used to achieve the same vibe while helping to bring out the colors of the surrounding elements.

The wrapped candle

Another DIY idea is to buy candles that go with your wedding color and style. Make sure the candles are big enough to be wrapped with fabrics or even music sheets. Accentuate the wrapped candles with a cute ribbon or decorative tacks.

The potted blooms

The eco-friendly couples are very particular with this one. Rather than cutting or uprooting the flowers, they choose to put the entire pot at the table. Potted flowers add dimension and they make the room feel more garden-y. Wooden square pots will be perfect for a more rustic look. An alternative container to use is a wooden basket

Now, let’s go to the four modern take on wedding centerpieces.

1) Beauty meets practicality

Using a large wedding centerpiece or a smaller centerpieces is a decision that is based on the size of the reception venue. Large centerpieces are more appropriate for grand venues such as museums and historic buildings. They are great for making a statement. On the other hand, smaller centerpieces are ideal for an intimate environment.

The choice of wedding centerpieces will also depend on the setting of the venue itself. For more classic settings, large, single centerpieces are more likely to stand out. Modern settings that require tablescape, so variations in style and height of centerpieces should be considered.

Nonetheless, the goal is to focus on locally grown blooms especially those that invoke thoughts. As a rule of thumb, it is a must to stick with the wedding motif to deliver a visual message of synergy and consistency. With this in mind, repurposing the centerpiece at the end of the event is also considered.

2) Best of both worlds

Nowadays, wedding planning centers on adding depth to the location wherein a certain area is elaborative while the rest echoes such elaborateness although in smaller scale. The choice is often to have a grand table arrangement with outstanding centerpiece as the focal point. This can be the couple or buffet table where large and lush centerpieces are placed.

The goal is making the venue as interactive and less static as possible. They are encouraged to walk around the room to see how other tables are designed. Usually, the tables include a mix of equally full yet low centerpieces. Complimentary table linens are used.

3) All mixed up

Floral is well-loved. However, other details can be added now such as candles, graphic images, and even collectables. The combination of these elements creates a truly unique tablescape. Couples are okay with the idea as long as the hues, tones, and styles reflect the wedding theme. Mostly, whimsical and rustic weddings are using mixed-up centerpieces to coordinate with the overall ambiance of the venue.

4) New heights

Drama and interest are a combination that define the modern centerpieces. For instance, multiple pieces such as vases, metal, acrylic risers, and candlesticks are combined together to create centerpieces in varying heights. Achieving a panoramic view is often what florists are aiming for, putting low, mid-tier, and lifted arrangements.

Such approach is very flexible as there is no need to stick to a single design for the centerpiece. This is more so when there are a large number of tables to fill. The best part is they often lead to cross-table conversations.

Evidently, while flowers remain to be a favorite element in wedding centerpieces, these are not the sole options. Materials that add meaning, depth and dimension are always welcome. And, a uniform look of the venue is slowly fading away in favor of diversity and visual. True enough, even before the guests took notice of the food, they feast their eyes on the table set up with its stunning display. We eat with our eyes first, right?

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