Why You Should Embrace The Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Trend

The tradition is that the bridesmaids—well, anyone, really—shouldn’t outshine the bride, making it the reason why bridesmaids wear the same color and dresses most of the time, so that they won’t call attention to themselves.

But nowadays, brides are comfortable and confident in themselves to know that whatever their entourage wears, no one will be able to outshine them on their big day. Here are more reasons on why you should embrace this trend:

It makes the dresses more usable in the future.

Whenever all their dresses match, it takes out the reusable factor, especially when you all belong in the same circle of friends—they can’t very well wear it during weddings of your other friends, in fear that someone else will be wearing the same outfit. If you give them mismatched dresses, they’ll be able to use it for other weddings and formal functions, giving you more bang for your buck.

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It lets the bridesmaid’s personality shine.

Have you ever seen those bridesmaids who look completely uncomfortable in what they’re wearing, like a fish out of water? Take away this problem by having your designer create a dress that still has a unifying theme—say, the same color palette in different hues—but in cuts that would make your bridesmaid walk down looking happy and at ease.

It shows you appreciate your bridesmaids.

Along with the honor of being your bridesmaid on your big day comes a lot of hard work, too. Each of your bridesmaids is giving you more than just a wedding present. They’re giving you a lot of their time that they won’t be able to get back, they take on responsibilities during the wedding and the reception, and, depending on your budget, they might splurge on spending for their own hair and makeup, or a part of the own bridesmaid dress, too. Gifting them with a dress that they love shows that you appreciate all their efforts in being part of #teambride.

It makes for more interesting pictures.

Whether or not you deny it, you and your fiancée think about how your wedding will look in your photos (and for good reason—your photographer didn’t come cheap!). By now, you’ve probably gone to enough weddings to think that the photos of the entourage all start looking the same because all the groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing the same thing, making the bride and groom look like they’re swimming in a sea of the same colors. Create more interesting photo-ops in an instant with injecting more elements to play with.

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