What to DIY & What to leave to the Pros

DIY is oftentimes thought of as a cheaper alternative than buying or hiring outside help, but it’s sometimes not the case. You have to factor in the cost of the materials, and the time you are your team will be spending on DIY-ing for the event. Not to mention that we’re not all as crafty as we think we are, making us spending double on something that could have been finished by an expert for less the cost.

So what’s easy to do yourself, even if you’re a newbie at crafting? Here are a few ideas:


Internal company events hardly need fancy paper invitations. Sending out e-vites is more cost-efficient. If you would like to make more of an effort than just a plain email message, you can ask your marketing team to create an e-vite for you, which you can print out and give hard copies to the big bosses. But before that, you need to think of the content of your invitation. Follow these guidelines.

Simple table decorations

For simple meetings, conventions, or seminars, attendees hardly expect intricate, instagrammable table décor, so there won’t be any need to pull out all the stops and tire your team out in creating one. A simple flower arrangement will do wonders in brightening up the table. And besides, the rustic trend is still very trendy.

Goodie bags

If you’ll be throwing the type of party wherein you would wish to give out goodie bags to the employees, you have the manpower and the know-how to be able to fill them out. You can of course have corporate giveaways made outside with your logos and such, but you can also easily make these by printing the logos out in sticker paper and doing it yourself. Plus, the guests will have the option whether they want to keep the company logo on the item or reuse it without it—hey, we’ve done that before ourselves, right?

What do you leave for the pros to do? Here are our top ideas:


Unless you have an officemate who also runs a catering company or you work for a food company who has their own kitchen and chefs, leave the catering to the pros. Feeding groups of people is harder than you think! Check our packages for your corporate event here.

Documentation and photo booth services

Not just because everyone has a camera phone nowadays it means that they’re pro photographers or videographers. Especially if it’s an important event, like your company’s anniversary or a Christmas party, you’ll need proper documentation by a pro.

And if you thought that photo booth services looked easy to run, think again—there are a lot of elements that go into it, from providing backgrounds and props (check this 7 Creative Photo Walls so you can have an idea), to efficiently printing the photos of all the guests.

Detailed Stage Design

It takes more than a huge tarpaulin signage to make a proper stage backdrop. For big company events, like anniversaries or a huge convention that will bring hundreds of people together, it’s better to leave the stage design to those who can create it the best. An empty stage in the hands of a pro will be transformed into something that will make every guest’s jaw drop in awe.

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