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Have a DIY Food Party for Kids!

Craft parties, or any activity that gets the kids’ creative juices flowing, are still very popular for the kids. The thrill about craft activities is not just kids figuring out how to do certain things, but it’s also the accomplishment that they feel once they finish a task (and their parents and adults are amazed with the results and praise them endlessly!).

What about food? What’s there to create, craft, or DIY? Well, plenty! Cooking parties for kids are starting to gain popularity, but there are several ways to create a DIY food party for your child. Here are a couple of suggestions. If you want to make a healthy dessert buffet for your kid’s party, read this.

1. A cooking competition.

– As evidenced by the numerous cooking shows that target kids, there are a lot of kitchen-savvy kids out there, or at least a lot of kids eager to try something new. A cooking competition can be done in groups (if you’re inviting a lot of guests) or done solo, so it’s up to you how you’d want to go about it. Perhaps the winner can get the grand prize, to make it feel like they’re really in a reality show competition!

2. A scavenger hunt.

– Much like an Easter egg hunt, why not have them look for the ingredients around the party area? This is best done when outdoors, in someone’s backyard, or maybe even in an actual forest or park, to get the guests into the spirit of them scrounging around for their own food. They’ll have to create a dish with whatever they’ll be able to find–how fun!

3. A cooking party.

– There are countless ways to do a cooking party, depending on your guests’ age and skill level. Being close to an open flame and a hot stove would mean constant adult supervision, and make sure that the recipes that they’ll be doing are easy enough to do by the kids, so that all the adults need to do is just keep them out of harm’s way.

4. A cooking demo.

– Do you know of an awesome chef, or a passionate cook? Why not invite them to give a demo to the kids on how to cook, bake, plate, or decorate food? Kids love watching demos–think of them as like your entertainment, without the clowns or bubble shows.

5. An outdoor grill or campfire party.

– Grilling for us Filipinos is simply ihaw ihaw, but why not elevate it by getting the kids involved? Shaping up burger patties is easy enough for little hands to handle, and they can easily put together some s’mores to put near the campfire. Throw in a couple of songs to sing around the campfire, and you’ve got a very successful party.

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