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DIY Décor Ideas for Your Kiddie Party

If you’re looking into cutting costs and in giving your creativity a workout, here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Cover the party grounds with balloons.

No kid can resist the fun that comes with playing with balloons—why do you think it’s such a party staple? If you have the time and an air pump, blow the balloons yourself to further save on costs. Buy the balloon packs by the bulk, and choose the color combination based on your child’s party theme.

Make your own streamers or buntings.

Creating banderitas is both fun and easy to make, even your kiddies can help out! Gather up as many colored magazines and pieces of colored paper you can find, cut them up into triangles, and staple them on long twine or string. Hang as many as you want around the party room to make the party look more festive in an instant!

Create your own table centerpieces.

The quickest way to create a personalized centerpiece for your tables is to gather up what you already have around the house. Look for picture frames, vases, books, statues, and other knickknacks, and arrange them on each table. Display family photos, and add some fresh flowers to brighten up the table. Since the rustic theme is still all the rage, you don’t need a lot of flowers—a few stems will be enough.

Throw an “all boxed up” party.

New or used balikbayan boxes get kids all excited because of its endless possibilities. They can doodle on them, use it for hide and seek, pretend that it’s a ship or a car… it can be anything that they imagine! Provide a lot of art materials and pretend toys like wigs, hats, and costumes, and watch the kids of all ages not only play with it in the way they want, but to also learn how to play together. Make sure to provide boxes of different sizes, for all the kids of different ages to enjoy.

Make it a glow in the dark party!

You don’t need to decorate the party area of a glow in the dark party too much if your guests won’t be able to see it, anyway! Buy a lot of disposable glow in the dark sticks and accessories, and distribute it to all the guests. A fun activity for the party would also to surround the area or distribute a few blank pieces of paper and ask your guests to paint using glow in the dark paint.

Take your party outdoors.

When you head outdoors, the décor is all there—the grass, the trees, the flowers—enjoying nature is oftentimes the most beautiful backdrop possible. Look for blankets and throw pillows in different colors and patterns to turn it into an instant camp out!

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