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DIY Centerpieces for Kiddie Parties

Event stylists or catering services often offer the service of dressing up the tables, and they usually do an excellent job with it. But if you would like to take things to a more personal level, you can always add your own elements to each table, such as:


Your guests will love seeing photos of your child as he or she was growing up. Print a couple of photos to display on each table, and remember to put in a corresponding caption for each photo. After the party, your guests can choose to take some home with them—instant souvenir!

Disposable camera

In the era of digital photos, a film camera is a cute novelty to have. While an Instax camera can get pricey, look for disposable film cameras at your nearest film processing shop, and put one on each table. They’ll enjoy taking snaps of themselves and you can send the photos to them the old-fashioned way—by postal mail! When was the last time you received postal mail that wasn’t a bill? Your guests will be thrilled, too.

Your own creation (or your child’s!)

You might think that your creativity stopped after you discovered how to finger paint, think again—everyone is creative! With the huge amount of information we have to our disposal, from Pinterest boards to YouTube tutorials, there’s absolutely no excuse nowadays to not make something with your hands.

If you need to build your confidence, try your luck at easy crafts, like creating simple paper flowers, or paint washes or splatters. Get your child to join you and create pieces of art that you can display proudly on your guests’ tables.

A list of memories

Back in the day, people used to write little dedications at the back of photos to give to other people. Back in the day, when Friendster was still trendy, we would write “testimonials” about our friends. Nowadays, people sometimes whip up posts still dedicated to their loved ones.

Let’s go way back and go for the trusty pen and paper method. Ask your guests to write a happy memory they shared with your child, or the most positive trait of your child. Let them drop their written notes in a small box provided for on each table. It makes for an instant keepsake that your child will be able to read, look back on, and treasure forever.

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